Who's next to Join AGrader

& Be Free from Frustrations, Stop Losing Precious Marks & Have a Peace of Mind?

To Parents in Jurong East & West:


Are you feeling disappointed because your child's results dropped in the last school exam?


Do you sometimes feel frustrated because you don't know how to properly explain the answers to your child's questions on his/her school-work?


Do you also struggle at times to keep up with the latest changes in the school syllabus, teaching methodologies and answering techniques?


Why This Has Been So Hard For You and Why It's Not Your Fault!


Because you are a responsible, hardworking and busy parent. Your plate is SO full with your day-to-day work, house chores, your mother-in-law's birthday celebration and a dozen and one monthly commitments.


Moreover, you're not even a professional in the education space! You're a pro in your own chosen field of speciality, and you do your job really well.


That's where AGrader comes in.


A popular enrichment centre based in Jurong Green Community Club, AGrader provides top quality enrichment programmes for the pre-primary, primary and secondary levels.


As space is limited here, may I suggest you visit our website www.agrader.sg so we can continue our conversation there :)