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Helping Your Child to Transit Successfully to Sec 1

Transit Successfully and Become Better Prepared with the AGrader Bridging Workshop (Online)

Taught by the "in-house" Curriculum Experts in AGrader, we help your child's transition from P6 to S1, by giving them a good overview of what to expect in Secondary school.

Best of all, our curriculum is also meticulously designed to incorporate engagement & fun into our learning process.


Conducted by AGrader’s in-house Curriculum Team (Learn directly from the best education experts in the country responsible for all the weekly worksheets islandwide)

Compiled from years of past case studies, know-hows, techniques into 12 hours worth of training to brief you and prepare your child for English & Math!

Proven and well-developed solid structured curriculum by our entire in-house team of curriculum writers.

Transiting from P6 to Sec 1, there are many critical differences - we’ll shine the spotlight on the differences for each subject, and demonstrate and go through segments of the new components/sections for Sec 1.


4 Lessons

1.5 hours per Class

6 Hours of Teaching Value

4 Lessons

1.5 hours per Class

6 Hours of Teaching Value

You may have heard of this before.

"Sec 1 is like starting out in Primary 1 all over again."

"It’s a whole new environment."

"New strangers that your child must befriend…"

"New teachers, classrooms, teaching style and exam formats…"

"New world of CCAs …"

While your child is now older and more mature than they were at 7 years old… 

The psychological effect that it has on them is the same.


They want to make lots of friends.

They want to join a cool CCA and hopefully become a leader.

And of course, they don’t want to be the last few in class, even if they are in the top few classes.

Primary 6 to Secondary 1 English & Math Bridging Secrets!

Wondering how you can help your child transit successfully to Sec 1?

We compiled years of past case studies, know-hows, techniques into 12 hours worth of training to brief you and prepare your child for English & Math!

Secondary 1 “Roots” To Bridging Successfully

By just knowing a few key things, your child will be able to transit successfully.

The Secondary 1 Roots are as the name suggest.. the most important things when it comes to any Sec 1 subject.

These Roots form the fundamental pillars of Sec 1 English & Math and eventually the O Level syllabus.

What’s advantageous and unique for AGrader's Bridging Workshop is that we understand the exact Roots your child must grasp in order to successfully transit and bridge forward to Secondary life successfully.

We have developed a solid Structured Curriculum

Took our entire in-house team of curriculum developers hundreds of hours to make this happen.

But because of enquiries and demand, we decided to open up to the public for a very limited time.


IMPORTANT: Parents – Please Read Before Enrolling in this workshop

While we can provide amongst the best teachers in the nation for you at a fraction of the cost and at the pinnacle of your convenience – we have a disclaimer that online workshop are NOT designed for every student.

Please read the below best practices carefully before you enrol.


Students with fundamentals benefit more

We teach our syllabus ahead of most schools. Students who are weak in fundamentals will find it hard to catch up with the class.


Students should turn on their cameras during lesson time & also have computer audio enabled.

This creates a more personal connection while teaching online. Teachers & assistants are also able to monitor the students’ concentration level and assess their body language for the most optimal learning experience.

We will keep parents informed should any technical issues occur during class and if cameras are down.


Maturity & Discipline to Concentrate

Online workshop benefit students who are of a higher maturity and discipline level – as teachers are not present in person to supervise and micro-manage their behaviour.



Total Lesson Hours


8 Dec (Tues)

9 Dec (Wed)

10.30am - 12.00pm

1.00pm - 2.30pm

6 Hours
of Teaching Value


15 Dec (Tues)

16 Dec (Wed)

10.30am - 12.00pm

1.00pm - 2.30pm

$98 (1 subject)

$170 (2 subjects)

$108 (1 subject)

$185 (2 subjects)


The AGrader Success Formula

Reinforce Understanding of Key Concepts

Acquire Answering Techniques

Gain Exposure and Practice in Open-Ended Questions


Improvement in Results

Over the years, AGrader has helped many students improve and achieve great exam results

Our curriculum structures have proven to help thousands of students achieve academic successclarity and confidence in a “step-by-step” manner in the shortest period of time.

Don’t Just Take Our Words For It Check Out What Other Parents Said About Us

What your child will learn:

[Introduction to Secondary English and its components]

An in-depth look into the components for Paper I, II, III & IV

[Know the difference between Secondary English and PSLE English]


Learn how to spot grammatical and spelling errors and test your ability to correct them.



Learn how to essays (as compared to composition in P6). Tackle open-ended topics without the guide of pictures or prompts, and with thorough planning.

Visual Text

Understanding how to interpret Visual Text with mostly visuals and minimal text.


Learn how to understand content by close and directed reading. Test your understanding of literary language and requires very precisely phrased answers.

Summary (New)

Summary is new component in Secondary English. You will learn the techniques and methods on how to tackle this section in a holistic manner.


1.5 hours per Class


AGrader Students

$98 (1 subject)

$170 (2 subjects)

Non-AGrader Students

$108 (1 subject)

$185 (2 subjects)

Dates & Timings:

8 & 9 Dec (Tues & Wed)

10.30am - 12.00pm

1.00pm - 2.30pm

About the Instructor:

Lianne Tan

Being the English Curriculum Lead at AGrader, Lianne is responsible for the immensely high-quality and popular English worksheets that thousands of students use weekly across all branches in the country.


As a graduate from the Singapore Management University (SMU), she is meticulous, creative and highly charismatic. On top of her strong technical abilities in English, she is both well-liked and admired by her students.

What your child will learn:

[Difference Between PSLE and O Level Math Exam Format]

Understanding the key differences between PSLE Exam format vs O Level Exam format.

[Emphasis on Presentation of workings]

Teaches on how to produce clear and accurate presentation because in Secondary Mathematics, marks are deducted for inaccurate or missing workings.

[Topics learnt in P6 are revisited in Secondary 1]

A recap and look into P6 topics such as Ratio, Percentage and Rate & Speed. However, Algebra is the commonly used method to solve these questions.


​[An outline of the 4 Sessions of Bridging into Secondary E-Math Sec 1]

Factors and Multiples (1 Session)

  • Introduction to Prime Factors and Index Notation

  • Finding the Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) and Highest Common Factor (HCF) using the understanding of Prime Factors

  • Applying the Concept of LCM and HCF onto Real World Word Problems

  • Understanding Perfect Squares and Perfect Cubes, and their individual properties


Real Numbers (1 Session)

  • Introduction of the Number Line

  • Understanding Positive Numbers and Negative Numbers

  • Understanding the Arithmetic Operations of Positive and Negative Numbers


Algebra (2 Sessions)

  • Introduction to Algebra

  • Understanding Expansion and Simplification of Algebraic Expressions

  • Understanding Factorisation of Algebraic Expressions


1.5 hours per Class


AGrader Students

$98 (1 subject)

$170 (2 subjects)

Non-AGrader Students

$108 (1 subject)

$185 (2 subjects)

Dates & Timings:

15 & 16 Dec (Tues & Wed)

10.30am - 12.00pm

1.00pm - 2.30pm

About the Instructor:

Jennifer Boh

With a Bachelor’s of Arts & Social Sciences (Mathematics) degree from National University of Singapore (NUS), Jennifer is the Head of Education at AGrader and personally does all the Primary Math worksheets that thousands of students work on weekly.


Through over 18 years of teaching, writing curriculum & managing, Jennifer can be considered second to none when it comes to familiarity of the Primary Math syllabus & all the heuristics that come along with it.


P6 to Sec 1 Bridging Workshop AY2021 | AGrader Learning Centre

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