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The System Behind Over 20,000 Success Stories

(Interview With Founder)


Exclusive Interview With Founder Of 13-Branch Tuition Chain

"The 100% Improvement System I Accidentally Discovered!"

(Now used at 13 AGrader centres by over 20,000 parents islandwide)


By the time you finish reading this quick story, I promise that you’ll discover the one thing that’s missing in most curriculum to ensure consistent improvement every exam……

And that may exactly be the same reason why your child stopped improving in their results!

Hi I’m Kevan, Founder of AGrader.

By the time you finish reading this quick story, I promise that you’ll discover the one thing that’s missing in most curriculum to ensure consistent improvement every exam……

And that may exactly be the same reason why your child stopped improving in their results!

  • Without “pre-selecting” our students like some other centres do.

  • While expanding to 13 branches and becoming one of the largest tuition centre chains.

  • AND serving a total of over 20,000 parents islandwide.

A lot of parents often ask how we’ve managed to keep improvement rate that high at 83.4%:


Well, how we did it was with a systemised improvement process that we could replicate again and again, that works for most students with different learning needs.

I call it the Everloop Improvement System.

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Here’s the thing.

The truth is, this Everloop Improvement System wasn’t invented by me. 

In fact, I accidentally stumbled upon it!


Here’s the behind-the-scenes of how it happened.

A couple of years ago…


Following our earlier success and Curated Curriculum Structure being well received all over Singapore (long story short, we compressed 500+ pages of assessment books into 16-paged worksheets in our classes)...


We managed to expand to 13 branches islandwide, with a few of our branches being franchisee-operated. (By the way, our franchisees are only chosen from educators and are mostly NIE-trained.)


On one of the weekdays early that year, I went to a regular operational meeting at the Tampines branch, run by a former MOE Scholar.


Let’s call him Teacher Pat.


That’s when I found something weird.


While reviewing their processes…


I noticed that there were many students that came back to the centre practising on worksheets that were from weeks ago, that they’ve already done before.


It turns out, Teacher Pat had printed the worksheets out again and let his students do them again.


Not only that, he also supervises the whole process and guides students with our worked solutions to ensure that they get it correct again the 2nd time round (which to my surprise, doesn’t happen that often).


Oftentimes, we always think having more practices is the answer to scoring more marks.


But from Teacher Pat’s point of view, doing more of the same assessment leads to better results too!


It was an interesting concept…


But of course, I wanted numbers to back this up.


And the REAL magic here is in the stats that Teacher Pat shared with me:


It was absolutely shocking!

  • Out of 55 students that regularly came back for practices... ALL of them improved. All 100% of 55 students!

  • As a huge bonus to us, ALMOST all of them continued to the next year...only 2 dropped out for reasons not related to academics (1 shifted house, the other transferred to another AGrader learning centre for convenience)


After I discovered this amazing fact…

I decided to do a little more cross-checking and research by getting a 2nd professional opinion.


I dropped a call to a friend who’s the CEO of an Edutech start-up who is also well acquainted with people from MOE HQ.


So he told me about Formative Assessments vs Summative Assessments, and how it relates to the overall direction the education system is taking.


And in short, it was again related to what Teacher Pat was doing at his centre!I immediately took this back to discuss with my team.


Many hours and scribbles on the drawing board later…

We worked out a plan to develop an improvement system that consisted of:

  • Well curated and well planned questions, 

  • Developing teaching videos that are “1-concept-1-video”,

  • Developing a robust learning management system that helped students to revise every single concept at least 4 times before they enter the exam hall

Eventually, this was called the Everloop Improvement System.

At first, we test-piloted it in just 5 of our centres for half a year.


And when the results came back…


Our students’ improvement rate shot up to close to 100%!


It became crystal clear to us that with hard work and due diligence from our students, supported with a top quality improvement system…


That it is an almost guaranteed that students will improve over time with the Everloop Improvement System.


Fast forward to today, we’ve implemented this across ALL 13 AGrader centres, and the reported results have been spectacular to say the least.


Anyway, if you’re still reading this…

And, if you’re interested to experience the Everloop Improvement System for your child…


Click the button below to enquire and we’ll show you exactly how it works at one of our classes.

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