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Tuition & Enrichment in Holland Drive

Welcome. You have landed on the right page if you're looking for a top quality tuition centre in Holland Drive.

The 14th branch of AGrader Learning Centre, AGrader Holland Drive provides high quality tuition & enrichment programmes for students in the Primary & Secondary levels for subjects like English, Mathematics, Science & Creative Writing. 

Based on the MOE syllabus, AGrader Learning Centre's curriculum strategies & systems will engage students by teaching ahead of the school, making them more prepared for examinations through the dynamic & distinct "3R Framework":

Robust Curriculum - We are the country’s few select enrichment centres that crafts its own learning materials. Every academic day, the worksheets are hand-crafted, letter by letter, question by question by educational experts, all specializing in their own field of expertise.

Every lesson, students are exposed to the most relevant, exam-oriented questions, comprehensive notes & detailed explanations as every question is hand-picked from the most up-to-date top school exam papers; because Quality matters much more than Quantity.

Responsive Infrastructure - Teachers are equipped with not just a whiteboard and marker, but with fully interactive, multimedia-enabled SMART Boards & supported by the most premium video resources. Whether you need to flash mundane worksheets, show videos, look up an example on the internet… The AGrader advantage gives you all the edge you need in modern learning technologies.

Responsible Teachers - Experience, Responsibility & Passion. All elusive qualities of a “dream” teacher. The dream comes to reality at AGrader Learning Centre as we focus most of our energies, resources & capabilities to support & train the most important factor in the classroom - The Teacher.

At the end of the day, how can you further ascertain if we're suitable?

Conveniently located in Holland Drive, our AGrader tuition & enrichment center is based at:

45 Holland Drive #01-357, Singapore 270045

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