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Introducing the AGrader

“Independent Tablet Revision” Scheme to Help Your Child Become Better Prepared for Exams through More Practice & Increased Subject Mastery

Get More Practice for Your Child Through This Unique

AGrader “Independent Tablet Revision” Scheme Assembled From Past Revision Papers, Specially Made for Existing AGrader Students Only to Help Them Plug Learning Gaps & Reduce Careless Mistakes to Bring His/Her Grades to A or A*!

The AGrader Success Formula

Most Exam-Relevant Questions Assembled in Revision Papers

1-Concept-1-Video Teaching Videos on the AGrader Platform

Hard Work From Student


Improvement in Results

What is the AGrader Independent Tablet Revision Scheme about and why did AGrader come up with it?

Dear Parents,


Over the years, we’ve observed that while in every single lesson we endeavour to provide the best worksheets that we can create (with the most exam-oriented and relevant questions possible), delivered by the most suitable and affable teachers that we can find in the market…


We’ve realised that not every student can remember every concept from every lesson.


While this might seem obvious when mentioned aloud – no one in the industry has done anything about it… till now.


Starting with the Revision Papers that are given to our students before exams…

We’ve recorded the lessons that were delivered.

Spent time & resources to edit them into teaching videos that are “1-Concept-1-Video” for the easy learning of our students.

Assembled them onto the AGrader Online Platform into what we call “Revision Packs”



It could be because in the first place the revision papers are already very well set – in terms of the exam-relevant questions chosen to be in the revision papers in the first place.


Thus, it’s now your turn and we invite your child to our centres for this Independent Tablet Revision practice sessions, which are complementary for all enrolled students.

We have beta-tested this concept out amongst a small group of students in our branch at Tampines, and found that even if students practised on worksheets that had been delivered before…

If they achieve mastery of ALL (or almost all) of the revision papers that we provide through hard work and practice…


they improve tremendously in most if not all cases.

  • Headphones

  • An iPad will be provided

  • Revision Paper

  • Digital “1-Concept-1-Video” Revision Packs on the AGrader Online Platform

Here’s What Your Child Will Receive During the Session

Frequently asked questions

My child is not enrolled in Math, can I still come for the Tablet Revision?

To be fair to other students, we only provide this service for enrolled students in their respective subjects.

What is the point of revising on worksheets that have already been delivered in past weeks?

Through our observations during our beta-test (we tested almost executionary permutation you can imagine😅) – most students can’t or won’t remember every single concept from every single lesson, be it delivered before or not.

By using the same high quality and meticulously assembled Revision Papers which contain the most exam-relevant questions set in the first place, and adding teaching videos to them, we’ve achieved real, tangible improvement in almost ALL of the students in the beta-test.

Since it works, we will continue doing what worked till we have new insight.

I am an existing enrolled student, but I have withdrawn one of the subjects. Can I still to come for the Tablet Revision?

This will be handled on a case-by-case basis depending on your enrolment and withdrawal date. Please check with the respective centre staff on this.

Do I have to pay for this Tablet Revision?

This programme is meant to support our existing students and is 100% free of charge. We only hope the parents of enrolled students with us can see our efforts in this endeavour, provide constructive feedback and we can all improve together.

How long does 1 Tablet Revision take?

Generally it will take 1.5 hours to complete 1 revision paper.

Is it separated from the usual lesson time?

The timings available at during centre opening hours & subject to resources availability. Please refer to the available slots here:

How many times do we need to attend for this Tablet Revision?

At the point of writing this, we have created between 3 to 5 revision packs and 1 test for each level and subject, thus you can come for all of them if you have the time.

Will there be any bonus bucks given to the child upon completion of 1 revision paper?

As this is the 1st time we’re conducting this exercise, we will observe the motivation of the students and effectiveness of the revision first before implementing any rewards system.

Is there any supervision provided?  Are parents allowed to sit in?

Our centre administrators will be overseeing the tablet revision programme with a tried-and-tested workflow by letting the students try the revision papers first before watching the teaching videos.

At the end of the day, we observe that successful students are partly self-driven and self-disciplined. The entire content setup already provides an extraordinary amount of support for the students and is made as easy to navigate as possible for them.

We discourage parents from sitting in and would encourage you to let your child try the tablet revision out on his/her own.

How do we know if the revision is effective for the child?

In our initial small group beta-test that we conducted at our branch at Tampines - all participating students improved (some more, some less).

We observe that – as with life, success comes with effort and academic improvement comes with practice.

We believe that given enough effort coupled with good support – we endeavour to have all our students improve.

Can I know what topics the Tablet Revision will cover?

Revision Packs are assembled with exam preparation in mind, and are a mix of topics and concepts, specially selected so that it would be the most exam relevant.

Need more details?

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