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Tuition Centre in Woodlands
(Admiralty - Woodlands Galaxy CC)

Loved by Thousand of Students & Parents


A Quick Centre Tour to AGrader Admiralty

Welcome! You have landed on the right page if you're looking for a top-quality tuition centre in Woodland.

AGrader Admiralty is conveniently located at Woodlands Galaxy CC, just a short 2-minute walk from Admiralty MRT!

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Students impacted

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Improvement Rate



Raving Reviews



Improvement System - Extra After-Class Support


AGrader’s Tuition Programme gives


 to students in their academic journey and
prepare them for top-form exam readiness


Targeted “Trending”
Concepts & Topics

We constantly comb the most recent exam papers, studying the “trends” to bring about the most “targeted” and “updated” coverage of all critical concepts and topics that students need to know the most for an additional layer of recall.


This provides the boost students need to learn first-hand on the MOST relevant questions designed to give your child the best chance to score their desired grades.


Learning Ahead
of School

Top School

It’s easier to stay ahead when you’re already… ahead. 


By teaching ahead of the school (based on the latest MOE syllabus & curriculum trends), with carefully curated materials…


We give our students the edge by giving them the learning exposure they really need so they will be better equipped, possessing an “unfair advantage” over their peers. 

Recap What They Forgot

Not everyone remembers everything. With strategically inserted revision papers - we’ve got it covered so your child plugs all the most important learning gaps they have - even the ones they are unaware of.

In addition, all lessons are recorded and clouded for easy revision & recap.

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Exam-Taking Confidence

Being confident is half the battle won. With multiple full papers of practice that are based on past-year learning and exam trends, we ensure that our students are more than fully prepared come exam day.


High-quality notes & full worked-solutions "hand-done" by our teachers are all provided to students as well.

Improve Beyond the Classroom with EverLoop

Lastly, with our proprietary “EverLoop Improvement System”, all our students have unlimited access to revision packs & topical learning packs to help them plug their learning gaps and elevate their learning experience to the next level.   

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​Programmes Offered
for Pre-primary, Primary & Secondary Levels 

pre-primary tuition in admiralty


K1 - K2
English & Math 

psle tuition in admiralty


Primary 1 - 6 (PSLE)
English, Math, Science & Creative Writing 

o level tuition in admiralty


Secondary 1 - 4 (O-Level)
English & Math

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In a Nutshell, What Does Your Child Receive When Signing Up for AGrader’s Weekly Lessons?

​Pay for the Price of Weekly Tuition Lessons Only and
Receive Extra Learning Resources Beyond the Once-A-Week Lessons

(no hidden costs and extra charges)

tuition classes

Weekly Lessons &
Comprehensive Learning Materials

Every weekly lesson at AGrader is curated & meticulously planned to be relevant & build on the latest MOE syllabus. 

Lessons are taught ahead of school, accompanied by high-quality in-house curated weekly worksheets and additional materials such as cheat sheets and concept maps, depending on the subject enrolled. 


COMPLIMENTARY After-Class Learning Resources

EverLoop Logo - with white outlines

EverLoop Improvement System

All AGrader students have access to our proprietary "EverLoop Improvement System" and can attend as many extra revision sessions as are required after class to revise and improve... even at home! Only available at AGrader Centres throughout the whole country. 

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A centrally developed catalog of all our lessons that are taught every week. All content is organized into specific pages so students can easily access and revisit or revise the content that they either missed or don’t understand fully.

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Basic Build-up

Learning Resources Logo

Access to 3 Previous Levels' Learning Resources

Extra learning videos specially developed (not found in normal lessons) that target fundamental concepts to help students understand a certain topic better.

Students are able to access EXTRA learning resources of up to 3 previous levels to help them revise and improve better (e.g. P5 student receives content from P4, P3 & even P2).

This includes worksheets, exam-oriented questions and learning videos!

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What Is EverLoop Improvement System?

At AGrader, we recognise that some kids take longer than others to "absorb" the learning content presented to them. 

We take the extra effort to develop an exclusive after-class support system, the EverLoop Improvement System to provide our students with extra revision sessions to help plug learning gaps in their knowledge.


It is exclusively only available at AGrader and complimentary for AGrader students with unlimited revision sessions!

Students can attend as many EverLoop revision sessions as they need after class (in-person or online) by attempting the extra worksheets and watching the explanatory learning videos for questions they attempt wrongly.