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Primary Science Tuition

Primary 3 to Primary 6

​Wonder How Your Child Can Benefit From the Lessons?

Check out this 1-minute video to find out!

Agrader’s Primary Science Tuition Curriculum

AGrader's Science Curriculum Is Uniquely Delivered In a Step-by-Step Approach

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Looking for a High-Quality Primary Science Tuition in Singapore?

Targeted at students in Primary 3 to 6, our Primary School Science Tuition follows the latest syllabus stipulated by the Ministry of Education and it aims to:


  • Ensure that our students have a strong grasp of the core concepts.

  • Giving them the additional exposure to the World of Science through unique experiments & engaging videos.

  • Giving confidence to our students by preparing them well for their school’s examinations.

  • Instil a sustained passion and appreciation for Science in our students.

  • Challenge our students to excel in the subject.

Primary Science Tuition Centre
Primary Science Tuition Centre

Why AGrader?

Whether you're enrolling your child for any level of the primary science tuition, you're enrolling them on one of the best science tuition centre in Singapore with advanced worksheets, a friendly classroom environment, and interactive sessions. These are specially designed to give them better insight into the topics covered in the exam.

In addition, with our EverLoop Improvement System, we offer videos to help them revise and understand their mistakes in questions better. There are demonstrations in the videos so that students can easily solve questions of different difficulties in their exams.   

Our Products

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(all included in your child's enrolment)


Weekly Lessons

  • Accompanied with high-quality in-house curated educational materials based on MOE syllabus.

  • High technology classrooms equipped with SMART boards to create a more engaging learning experience.

  • Hands-on classroom experiments.

Science Tuition Singapore

Educational  Materials 

  • Educational materials include weekly worksheets, comprehensive notes, cheat sheets, and concept maps to help students understand science concepts better.

Science Tuition Singapore Sample Worksheets

EverLoop Improvement System

  • Exclusively available for AGrader students only

  • Tablet revision that helps students improve better by revising and reinforcing what they've learnt.

  • Step by step video explanation of solutions.

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What to Expect?

Robust Educational Curriculum




Fee Structure

All our classrooms are equipped with the most modern interactive SMARTBoards and SMART Panels to help your child learn better.

All our teachers are in-house specialists, NIE-trained or full time tutors to ensure that your child is in the best hands possible.

Learning at AGrader is never boring as students learn concepts through fun and hands on experiments!

We have a dedicated and experienced team of curriculum writers to craft and update the worksheets, cheat-sheets and concept maps that are exclusively for AGrader students only.

Here’s a Glimpse of Some Science Experiments Our Students Did in Their Classes!

New Improvements

New and improved look of cheat sheets and concept maps!

AGrader Science Tuition Cheat Sheets
AGrader Science Tuition Cheat Sheets

Improved and new experiment kits!

AGrader Primary Science Tuition Experiment Kit
AGrader Primary Science Tuition Experiment Kit
AGrader Primary Science Tuition Experiment Kit
AGrader Primary Science Tuition Experiment Kit
AGrader Primary Science Tuition Experiment Kit
AGrader Primary Science Tuition Experiment Kit
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Discover the proven EverLoop Improvement System which eliminates “academic forgetfulness” in over 30,000+ students and helps them to score AL 1/2… only available at 19 AGrader centres islandwide!

EverLoop Improvement System

#1 Content Ahead – Learn ahead of the school with AGrader’s programmes (taught 1 month ahead).

#2 Content Reinforcement - Attend school lessons accompanied with proprietary revision sheets

#3 Content EverLoop – Formative Assessment* Session with Proprietary Learning Videos to Plug Learning Gaps

(administrator supervised).

Formative assessment: The goal is to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and target areas that need work, addressing problems immediately.

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Don’t Just Take Our Words For It

Check Out What Other Parents Said About Us


Dear concerned parents..

One-Stop Solution for Science Tuition in Singapore

Our qualified teachers give their best in designing the curriculum of science program. It follows the latest standards of school science exams. The main focus of our learning centre is to help students get the real feel of the exam through our programme.

Through the lessons, we try to boost their confidence and help them with techniques so that no question seems to be difficult for them. We want our students to excel in the subjects they enrol in, and we have planned the programme properly.


Keeping the class sizes small, tutors are able to give close attention to every student, and it becomes comfortable for them to come up with their queries to the teachers.


Moreover, our learning centre has introduced the 'bucks system' that encourage students to ask questions actively. By doing so, students can earn money with which they can redeem a gift of their choice.

Fees & Class Schedules

Academic Year 2024

Physical & Online Lessons

The popular Primary Science Tuition is available at over 19 locations islandwide!

AGrader locations

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