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Primary Science Tuition

Primary 3 to Primary 6

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Primary Science

​How Your Child Will Benefit From AGrader's

Primary Science Tuition Programme Differently

On top of regular weekly lessons based on the latest MOE syllabus, every student benefits from the following extra after-class learning resources - without any additional or hidden charges!

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Weekly Lessons &
Comprehensive Learning Materials

Every Primary Science weekly lesson at AGrader is curated & meticulously planned to be relevant & build on the latest MOE syllabus. 

Lessons are taught ahead of school, accompanied by high-quality in-house curated weekly worksheets. 
Whether you are looking for P3-P5 tuition or P6/PSLE Science tuition, our teachers are here to provide students with the best assistance. 


COMPLIMENTARY After-Class Resources: 

EverLoop Improvement System

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All AGrader students have FREE access to these EverLoop Modules, without any additional charges: 

Past Year Paper Practice Packs

1. Past Year Paper Practice Packs (PYP)

> To Master Exam Formats & Answering Techniques

These sets offer practice on the latest exam formats with questions drawn from top school papers. They’re designed to familiarise students with the types of questions they’re most likely to encounter, complete with teaching videos and detailed solutions to ensure they’re up-to-date with current exam trends and styles.

Revision Packs

2. Revision Packs

> To Master Each Term’s Learning

These packs offer comprehensive term-specific revision, providing thorough coverage of all topics taught in Terms 1-4. Students can use them as 'mini-tests' or 'recaps' to instantly identify learning gaps and reinforce weak areas.

Topical Packs

3. Topical Packs

> To Master A Specific Topic

Enhance your child's knowledge and understanding of a specific topic through targeted practice papers and teaching videos. Should your child seek additional practice or detailed explanations in certain topics, they can make use of these resources to hone their skills.

Topical Packs

4. Topical Packs

> To Master A Specific Topic

Enhance your child's knowledge and understanding of a specific topic through targeted practice papers and teaching videos. Should your child seek additional practice or detailed explanations in certain topics, they can make use of these resources to hone their skills.


5. LessonTube

> To Catch Up Missed Lessons or Revisit Lessons

This module enables your child to catch up on missed lessons or revisit lessons upon enrolment anytime, anywhere, via lesson recordings.


BONUS: Access to Learning Resources of 3 Previous Levels​

Students are able to access EXTRA learning resources of up to 3 previous levels to help them revise and improve better (e.g. P6 student receives content from P5, P4 & even P3).


Preview Our Primary Science

Curriculum Now

We've prepared a comprehensive pack of our learning resources preview that you can peruse and view online instantly so you can have an idea if our lessons would be suitable for you, or otherwise.


Please click on the appropriate level(s) below, and access our materials immediately. 

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​AGrader’s Primary English Curriculum Is
Specially Designed Using a Step-by-Step Approach 

Agrader’s Primary Science Tuition Curriculum

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Our Primary Science tuition program, tailored for students in Primary 3 to 6, aligns with the latest Ministry of Education syllabus. We build students' confidence by teaching ahead of the school curriculum and providing essential exam answering techniques. Our comprehensive preparation includes revision papers, diagnostic tests, and worksheets designed to mirror actual exam formats, ensuring students are well-equipped to excel.

Engaging activities like online quizzes, spelling puzzles, and hands-on science experiments make learning both fun and effective. These interactive methods not only solidify understanding of core concepts but also foster a sustained passion for science. Our programme is dedicated to challenging students to reach their full potential and instilling a deep appreciation for the subject.

On top of that, all students have access to free after-class resources - EverLoop Improvement System from the point of enrolment. This provides additional learning and improvement beyond the weekly lessons. 

What to Expect?

Robust Educational Curriculum




Fee Structure

All our classrooms are equipped with the most modern interactive SMARTBoards and SMART Panels to help your child learn better.

All our teachers are in-house specialists, NIE-trained or full time tutors to ensure that your child is in the best hands possible.

Learning at AGrader is never boring as students learn concepts through fun and hands on experiments!

We have a dedicated and experienced team of curriculum writers to craft and update the worksheets, cheat-sheets and concept maps that are exclusively for AGrader students only.

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What Is EverLoop Improvement System?

At AGrader, we recognise that some kids take longer than others to "absorb" the learning content presented to them. 

We take the extra effort to develop an exclusive after-class support system, the EverLoop Improvement System to provide our students with extra revision sessions to help plug learning gaps in their knowledge.


It is exclusively only available at AGrader and complimentary for AGrader students with unlimited revision sessions!

Students can attend as many EverLoop revision sessions as they need after class (in-person or online) by attempting the extra worksheets and watching the explanatory learning videos for questions they attempt wrongly.


Here’s a Glimpse of Some Science Experiments Our Students Did in Their Classes!


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Fees & Class Schedules

Academic Year 2024

Physical Lessons


The popular Primary Science Tuition is available at over 19 locations islandwide!


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