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Primary English Tuition Singapore

Primary 1 to Primary 6

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When your child experiences the “AGrader Advantage”, here are some benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

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Discover Our 'Cyclical Approach'

An all-in-one English study system that covers key exam sections (oral, cloze, grammar, comprehension, word order) to achieve top marks easily.

The system has helped thousands of students fall in love with English and score top marks for exams…even works for those who were previously weak in English!


Our Products

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(all included in your child's enrolment)


Weekly Lessons


Educational  Materials 


EverLoop Improvement System

  • Accompanied with high-quality in-house curated educational materials based on MOE syllabus

  • High technology classrooms equipped with SMART boards

  • Educational materials include weekly worksheets, comprehensive notes, cheat sheets and concept maps!

  • Exclusively available for AGrader students only

  • Tablet revision that helps students to revise and reinforce what they've learnt

  • Step by step video explanation of solutions

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What to Expect?

Fast Improvement in English Results

Many of our students have made 2-6 grade jumps within weeks!

Cultivate the Love in English

Instead of asking students to do generic assessment books, we specially design our lesson plans using real-world news content to make learning fun and engaging.


As far we know, we’re the only centre in Singapore to do this!

Deep Focus on Inferential Ability, Creative Thinking and Logical Reasoning

Many other english teachers find it hard to teach these important english skills, as they are intangible.

Our teachers on the other hand, have extensive experience imparting these invaluable qualities to students. 

Psychological Blueprint to Score 'A'

Many students do badly for exams, despite intensive revision, as they can’t cope with exam stress.

That’s why other than just teaching, we nurture our students to be psychological ready, so that they can score the “A” grade they deserve!

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Discover the proven EverLoop Improvement System which eliminates “academic forgetfulness” in over 30,000+ students and helps them to score AL 1/2… only available at 19 AGrader centres islandwide!

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#1 Content Ahead – Learn ahead of the school with AGrader’s programmes (taught 1 month ahead).

#2 Content Reinforcement - Attend school lessons accompanied with proprietary revision sheets

#3 Content EverLoop – Formative Assessment* Session with Proprietary Learning Videos to Plug Learning Gaps

(administrator supervised).

Formative assessment: The goal is to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and target areas that need work, addressing problems immediately.

Dear concerned parents..

You’re probably reading this because of one simple reason: Your current Primary English tuition centre in Singapore or tutor is NOT delivering results. And you’re looking for alternative options.

But don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Most of our current students, across our 14 outlets island-wide, were in your shoes once.

So what made them “jump ship” to join our AGrader family? 


Another simple reason (actually two reasons): We deliver results. And we also help your child fall in love with English!

Yes, it may seem impossible right now. Especially since your child is probably struggling with English, and most likely has a dislike for the subject.


But we’ve successfully cultivated this change in thousands of students over the years. Results don’t lie!


That’s why we’re super confident that we can deliver everything you want and more from an English learning centre! 

But at this point, you could be wondering: Why isn’t my current Primary English tuition centre or tutor up to the task? 


Based on what our students and their parents tell us, here are

3 common “grade killers” unknowingly sabotaging your child’s English grades:

Grade Killer #1
Lessons Are Bore-Fests!

Reading off a text book. Doing generic assignments. Mugging 10-year series.

Yawn. That’s boring!

Unfortunately, that’s what many others are doing. Little wonder that your child’s English results are not great!

Because how can top marks be achieved, if the student doesn’t enjoy the learning process?

At AGrader, we put special care into crafting a lesson plan that engages, stimulates creative thinking and triggers the student’s natural desire to learn.

Don’t be mistaken though. It’s not all fun and games. Every exercise has an important lesson that will help our students ace English exams.

Here’s an example of a real world news-related content we use in our lessons:

Primary English tuition centre

A lot more interesting than typical textbooks, right?

As far as we know, we’re the only centre in Singapore that uses this uniquely powerful approach


Your child can soon reap the benefits of an engaging, entertaining yet effective

English learning process!

Grade Killer #2
Falling Even Further Behind In School

The truth is that many students are unable to keep up with their peers academically. Your child could be one of those lagging behind.

That’s what tuition is for, isn’t it? To help your child to catch up!

But are you in an unfortunate situation, where your child is falling even further behind…despite going for expensive tuition?

Why is this happening?

It’s because many other English educators don’t have their own curriculum. They’re simply re-using what is taught in schools, or assessment books purchased from Popular bookstore.

In other words, more of the same. Rinse and repeat. Again and again. For other subjects like Math, perhaps that approach can work.

But English is a fluid subject. Repetition simply doesn’t work, and in fact can cause your child to regress even further!

As mentioned above, our teachers at AGrader have our very own curriculum. The example we showed earlier is just one of the many proprietary assessments we have.

So rest assured that when you sign your child up with us, our potent and proven curriculum can definitely help boost results quickly within a short time!

Grade Killer #3
Psychological Woes

To do well in academics, it’s not just about studying, mugging or learning. An often-overlooked, but very important aspect is how students handle stress.

You may remember a few very sad cases of students committing suicide, because of the inability to manage the psychological part of school life.

That’s why we make sure that every student is given specialized attention. We want to make sure that they’re mentally doing great, which serves as a platform for high

achievement in school.

Our teachers have undergone special training in this area. Potential mindset problems are nipped in the bud through a professional counseling procedure.

On that note, we like to request for your help too. If you feel that your child is going through difficulty dealing with anything school-related, please let us know so that we can help.

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The popular Primary English Programme is available at over 19 locations islandwide!

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