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Secondary 1 to Secondary 4


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Looking for a high quality Secondary English tuition class?

AGrader's Secondary English Tuition Programme builds on the progression of language skills, learner strategies and knowledge about language.

This programme aims to advance students’ language learning to strengthen self-regulation and to bring interaction, oracy and productive skills to a more sophisticated level; develop close, critical, extensive and wide listening, reading and viewing skills to process longer, more complex texts; and develop an informed personal and critical response in speaking, writing and representing.

Secondary English Tuition Centre
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Why AGrader?

AGrader is among one of the reputable Secondary English tuition centre in Singapore. With a robust curricular of the subject and experienced qualified teachers, we give proper guidance that students fail to get in their schools. We teach the chapters in such a way that it helps students to stay ahead of their school curriculum.


Our well-structured worksheets will help students catch up with school syllabus and get them ahead of others. From proper listening, reading, viewing, writing, representing to having proper command on language and vocabulary, we help students to ace their English examinations.

With experienced teachers & top quality materials, AGrader's English Programme will help your child achieve flying colors for their secondary level English exam.

Robust curriculum | Primary Math tuition centre Singapore

Robust Educational Curriculum

We have a dedicated and experienced team of curriculum writers to craft and update the worksheets, cheat-sheets and concept maps that are exclusively for AGrader students only.

Learning Activities | Primary Math tuition centre Singapore

Learning at AGrader is NEVER boring as students learn concepts through fun and hands on experiments!

Qualified Teachrs | Primary Math tuition centre Singapore

All our teachers are in-house specialists, NIE-trained or full time tutors to ensure that your child is in the best hands possible.

Affordable Fee | Primary Math tuition centre Singapore

Fee Structure

All our classrooms are equipped with the most modern interactive SMARTBoards and SMART Panels to help your child learn better.





Secondary English structure | Secondary English Tuition Centre

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AGrader's Secondary English Curriculum Is Uniquely Delivered In a Step-by-Step Approach

Discover the proven EverLoop Improvement System which eliminates “academic forgetfulness” in over 20,000+ students and helps them to score As & A*s… only available at 13 AGrader centres islandwide!

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#1 Content Ahead – Learn ahead of the school with AGrader’s programmes (taught 1 month ahead).

#2 </