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Hello Parents & Students,


Welcome to AGrader. After years of teaching, and through seeing through thousands of students get their "As" & "A*s", as well as countless iterations & improvements - we now use a tried-and-tested, proven "Curriculum Methodology" that works brilliantly to help students improve in a step-by-step, scaffolded manner.

AGrader’s weekly tuition & enrichment classes are also accompanied by a unique “Independent Tablet Revision” programme (www.agrader.sg/tablet-revision) that is offered to all AGrader students (P1 to P6 for now) that’s not found in any other centres islandwide.  

The System Behind 19,814 Success Stories

Exclusive Interview With Founder Of 13-Branch Tuition Chain

"The 100% Improvement System I Accidentally Discovered!"


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#1 Weekly Lessons:

Did you know that students have limited attention spans and energy? To ensure quality at our lessons, we have an entire curriculum team supporting your child’s learning with:

  • Exam-Oriented & Relevant Worksheets Specially Crafted to “Tackle” School Exams & Help Students Improve Grades.

  • Teachers’ Worked Solutions Specially Uploaded onto the AGrader Online Platform So Students Can Recap on Answers & Solutions Anytime, Anywhere.

  • High Quality Lessons Delivered by the Best & Most Suitable Teachers We Can Find.

#2 EverLoop Improvement System:

Did you know that for a fact that most students don’t retain everything that they’ve been taught?


For example, a student can learn about a new topic this week at his/her tuition class (any tuition class)


He/she will go to school and learn & practise on it again for the 2nd time (any school).


Yet 2 months later, when you give her the exact same questions to work on… she gets nearly half of it wrong?


This boils down to “concepts retention” and amount of “application practice”.


That’s why at AGrader, we’ve put in a tremendous amount of effort to come up with what we call the “EverLoop Improvement System” to help your child become better prepared and achieve higher subject mastery.


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**Limited slots (12 students) per class only

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The System Behind 19,814 Success Stories

Exclusive Interview With Founder Of 13-Branch Tuition Chain

"The 100% Improvement System I Accidentally Discovered!"

The "AGrader Curriculum Methodology"

Experience the Benefits of Education with"Curriculum Structure"

The AGrader Curriculum Methodology is the result of years of research, tweaking and pivoting by a team of education experts with combined teaching experience of more than 30 years.

Our curriculum structures have proven to help thousands of students achieve academic success, clarity and confidence in a “step-by-step” manner in the shortest period of time.


The AGrader Programme is a 48-weeks structured curriculum which:

  • Is designed to expose our students to the whole range of tested components in the MOE syllabus

  • Has a "step-by-step" approach to break difficult topics down into easily digestible bite-sized pieces for students to understand, much like climbing a ladder!

  • Is not available in schools - available uniquely only at AGrader and other top tuition centre chains!


We are talking about a total of 48 weeks’ worth of worksheets - including notes, topical practices, diagnostic tests and revision papers - specially crafted and lined up in the most effective sequence after years of research and experience by our in-house Education Curriculum Team. 

With consistent practice and guidance week by week, your child will:

  •  Learn ahead of the school’s syllabus

  •  Strengthen his/her understanding of the topics/skills learnt in school

  •  Gain confidence and love for learning over time

  •  See improvements in his/her results

*FREE Care Package Available for Download Too!

**Limited slots (12 students) per class only

This coming Academic Year 2020, AGrader is running a SPECIAL PROMOTION (50% OFF Your First Month's Tuition Fees) to let your child try the AGrader Programme with LITTLE RISK.

You know how in most tuition and enrichment centres, before you even attend the first lesson to try whether its good or not, you must pay:

  • Registration Fees

  • 1-month worth of tuition fees as deposit

If it’s not suitable, you’ll lose both your time and a month's  worth of tuition fees deposit on something that does not solve your problems.

However, at AGrader, we help you try our lessons out with the LEAST risk possible.


Here’s the SPECIAL DEAL we have for your child’s first 4 trial lessons with us:

NO Upfront
Registration Fees

NO Upfront

There are only 2 possible scenarios after your child has completed the 4 trial lessons:

#1 It is suitable, and my child likes going to AGrader 😊


Congratulations! You do not need to spend more time researching or asking around for tuition centre/tutor recommendations. Your child’s academics is now well taken care of by AGrader.

#2 It is not suitable, I want to try other tuition providers ☹


You’ll be glad that you did not pay for the registration fees and 1-month deposit…

That’s both money and time saved!


Sounds like a great deal right? 😊

*FREE Care Package Available for Download Too!

**Limited slots (12 students) per class only

Now before you jump straight into joining AGrader, we would like to be honest with you that not every student is suitable for the AGrader Programme.


We have our flaws:

  • We are unable to customise the sequence of topics taught in class to your child’s school. However, we encourage parents to see it this way:

    If your child has yet to learn that topic, its learning ahead of others.

    If your child is currently learning in school, it is enhancing his/her understanding.

    If your child has learnt it in school, its revision.


  • Students who are scoring below passing grade might find it difficult to follow the pace of our lessons.

    The AGrader Programme teaches ahead of school, and it is not possible for teachers give 100% attention to each individual student in a group setting.


If you’re convinced by the good reviews given by the other parents,

aware of the above “flaws” that the AGrader Programme has,

and would still like to give AGrader a try...

*FREE Care Package Available for Download Too!

**Limited slots (12 students) per class only

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