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​Prepare Your Child for the End-Of-Year Exams With Term 4 Classes

tuition centre singapore
tuition centre singapore
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Welcome Parents!

Check out this 1-minute "AGrader At a Glance" video to learn more about how your child can benefit from AGrader - one of Singapore’s most comprehensive tuition centres chains offering multi-disciplinary programmes over 19 locations in Singapore.

Help your child to jumpstart their improvement journey together with over 20,000 students islandwide today!




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​How Your Child Will Benefit From AGrader Differently

On top of regular weekly lessons based on the latest MOE syllabus, every student benefits from the following extra after-class learning resources - without any additional or hidden charges!

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Weekly Lessons &
Comprehensive Learning Materials

Every weekly lesson at AGrader is curated & meticulously planned to be relevant & build on the latest MOE syllabus. 

Lessons are taught ahead of school, accompanied by high-quality in-house curated weekly worksheets and additional materials such as cheat sheets and concept maps, depending on the subject enrolled. 


COMPLIMENTARY After-Class Learning Resources

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1. EverLoop Improvement System

2. LessonTube

3. Mini Courses

4. Access to 3 Previous Levels' Learning Resources

All AGrader students have access to our proprietary "EverLoop Improvement System" and can attend as many extra revision sessions as are required after class to revise and improve... even at home! Only available at AGrader Centres throughout the whole country. 

A centrally developed catalog of all our lessons that are taught every week. All content is organized into specific pages so students can easily access and revisit or revise the content that they either missed or don’t understand fully.

Extra learning videos specially developed (not found in normal lessons) that target fundamental concepts to help students understand a certain topic better.

Students are able to access EXTRA learning resources of up to 3 previous levels to help them revise and improve better (e.g. P5 student receives content from P4, P3 & even P2).

This includes worksheets, exam-oriented questions and learning videos!

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Pre-Primary, Primary & Secondary 
Programmes Available



K1 - K2
English & Math 

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Primary 1 - 6 (PSLE)
English, Math, Science & Creative Writing 



Secondary 1 - 4 (O-Level)
English & Math

Primary Online Tuition

Online Lessons

Primary 3 -6
English, Math & Science

Holiday Programme


P4-P5 October Online Booster Programme

16th-18th October 2023

(During PSLE Marking Days' School Break)

English  |  Math  |  Science

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