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Improvement System

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Improvement System

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Hello Parents & Students,


Welcome to AGrader. You’ve landed on the right page if you’re looking for a high quality tuition programme to help your child improve. 


We are a team of education specialists that have spent years teaching, researching and developing our teaching methodologies and in the last couple of years; a unique “EverLoop Improvement System” (www.agrader.sg/everloop) that is not found in any other centres islandwide.

When you enrol your child with us, you’re receiving the results of years upon years of research, countless iterations & improvements on top of weekly tuition & enrichment classes, as well as the unique “EverLoop Improvement System” (www.agrader.sg/everloop).

Learn Ahead of School & Learn 8 to 12 Exam-Related Solving Techniques Within 4 Lessons

At Least 55 Pages of Concise Revision Notes and the Most Relevant Exam Questions

 Sharpen 8 to 12 Exam-Oriented Skills

All Lessons Recorded and Clouded for Easy Revision & Recap

Exclusive Access to Proprietary EverLoop Improvement System for Unlimited Formative Assessments & Learning Videos

No Upfront Reg Fee or Deposit (Try First Before You Commit)

 Lessons Taught by Specially Interviewed & Chosen Educators


#1 Weekly Lessons:

Welcome to amongst the best-in-class lessons in the country.

Here, your child receives:

  • Exam-Oriented & Relevant Worksheets Specially Crafted to “Tackle” School Exams & Help Students Improve Grades.

  • High Quality Lessons Delivered by the Best & Most Suitable Teachers We Can Find.

#2 EverLoop Improvement System:

At AGrader, we’ve put in a tremendous amount of effort to build the “EverLoop Improvement System” to help our students plug learning gaps and achieve higher subject mastery.

With this system:

For example, a student can learn about a new topic this week at his/her tuition class.

He/she will go to school and learn & practise on it again for the 2nd time (any school).

2 or 3 months later, when you give him/her the exact same questions (yes, exactly the same) to work on… he/she will get nearly half of the questions wrong (not enough practice & recap).

He/she can then book a revision session through this EverLoop Improvement System, identify and plug learning gaps and improve - taking on the exams with ever more clarity than before. 

*FREE Care Package Available for Download Too!

**Limited slots (12 students) per class only

Don’t Just Take Our Words For It

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The System Behind 19,814 Success Stories

Exclusive Interview With Founder Of 13-Branch Tuition Chain

"The 100% Improvement System I Accidentally Discovered!"

Real Testimonies and Reviews by Parents and Students

Hear it from other parents and students who found the AGrader Programme effective for their children. 

*FREE Care Package Available for Download Too!

**Limited slots (12 students) per class only

The "AGrader Curriculum Methodology"

Experience the Benefits of Education with"Curriculum Structure"

The AGrader Curriculum Methodology is the result of years of research, tweaking and pivoting by a team of education experts with combined teaching experience of more than 30 years.

Our curriculum structures have proven to help thousands of students achieve academic success, clarity and confidence in a “step-by-step” manner in the shortest period of time.


*FREE Care Package Available for Download Too!

**Limited slots (12 students) per class only

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