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Pre Primary Tuition
for K1 & K2 in Singapore

English & Math


​Follow Us to the Pre-Primary Class and See What Are the New Improvements!

Dual-Pronged Approach for Pre-Primary Tuition

Discover the 'Dual-Pronged'  Approach

AGrader’s K1 & K2 curriculum is delivered in a 'Dual-Pronged Approach', each lesson comprising English & Math. As young students have limited attention spans, switching subjects allows them to maintain their interest and attention levels.  

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Our Approach

We take on a “step-by-step” approach that will help your child first master the fundamental skills of reading, writing and counting, before gradually exposing him/her to the Primary 1 English and Mathematics syllabus, preparing them for what they will face in the years ahead.

The P1 Preparatory Class will provide young learners with a significant head start and solid foundation in their quest to excel in primary school education.


​What Your Child Will Learn in Term 2 AY2024?


K1 English:

  • Matching Lowercase and
    Uppercase Letters

  • Learning about Punctuation

  • Recognition of Common
    Vocabulary Words (Parts of a body, Family)

  • Basic Comprehension Skills

  • Grammar Skills (Pronouns)

K1 Math: 

  • Recognition of Spelling of 1- 10

  • Ordering 1 - 10

  • Concept of More

  • Addition Within 10

K2 English:

  • Learning about the Usage of Punctuation

  • Recognition of Common Vocabulary Words (Things at Home & in School)

  • Exposure to 5W1H Comprehension Questions

  • Grammar Skills (Pronouns)

  • Writing Sentences Based on Themes


K2 Math:

  • Recognising and Spelling
    Numbers up to 20

  • Number Bonds

  • Ordinal Numbers

  • Concept of More & Less

  • Addition & Subtraction Within 20

  • Addition & Subtraction Word Problems

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It is no secret that fundamentals are best built early.

Do you know?

AGrader’s Preschool Tuition Class in English & Math is specially planned and written closely based on the MOE syllabus, designed to bridge the gap between Kindergarten and Primary 1.

​How Your Child Will Benefit From the P1 Preparatory Programme Programme Differently

On top of regular weekly lessons, every student benefits from the following EverLoop extra after-class learning resource - without any additional or hidden charges!

P1 Preparatory Class at AGrader
Pre Primary Tuition Worksheets Sample

Weekly Lessons &
Comprehensive Learning Materials

Each week at AGrader, our K1 and K2 pre-primary tuition lessons are carefully curated and meticulously planned, ensuring readiness for Primary 1.

Accompanied by high-quality, in-house curated weekly worksheets, our robust curriculum covers both English and Math subjects. With experienced and qualified teachers, we provide proper guidance and the necessary exposure to prepare students for the challenges of Primary 1.

Our educational materials include weekly worksheets and spelling flashcards, alongside 'Giveables' activities that provide students with materials to take home.


COMPLIMENTARY After-Class Resources: 

EverLoop Improvement System

EverLoop Logo - with white outlines

All AGrader K1 & K2 students have FREE access to this EverLoop Module, without any additional charges: 



> To Catch Up Missed Lessons or Revisit Lessons

This module enables your child to catch up on missed lessons or revisit lessons upon enrolment anytime, anywhere, via lesson recordings.


Pre-primary school

This program is filled with engaging and lively lessons with class discussions, stories, games, songs, open-ended questions and interactive whiteboard activities, making the world come alive in the classrooms.

Foundational creative writing skills are introduced to instil a love for writing and inspire creativity and imagination.

More challenging language components such as comprehension and cloze passage will prepare them for formal academic learning.

Pre-primary school 


This program will equip our pre-schoolers with important mathematical concepts. Each concept is introduced through various strategies, including challenging problem-solving questions and activities to develop higher order thinking skills.

We also further enhance lessons through hands-on activities using manipulatives, flashcards and interactive whiteboard activities in a fun learning environment.

Besides learning academically at tuition, we teach our students additional knowledge in their daily lives as well. Here are some fun and giveable activities we had together!

New Improvements

​Spelling Flash Cards - New and Improved Visuals!

Eye-catching, colourful illustrations now accompany all our spelling flashcards given to our students every week  ​


Based on the "Dolch Sight-Words Checklist"... help your child build their vocabulary week after week!

AGrader Pre Primary Tuition Spelling Flash Cards
AGrader Pre Primary Tuition Spelling Flash Cards
AGrader Pre Primary Tuition Spelling Flash Cards
AGrader Pre Primary Tuition Spelling Flash Cards
AGrader Pre Primary Tuition Spelling Flash Cards
AGrader Pre Primary Tuition Spelling Flash Cards

​Worksheets - Improved and Eye-Catching Illustrations!

Improved and eye-catching illustrations for students to gain a quality learning experience. A great kickstart to your child's primary school journey.

AGrader Pre Primary Tuition Worksheets
AGrader Pre Primary Tuition Worksheets
AGrader Pre Primary Tuition Worksheets
AGrader Pre Primary Tuition Worksheets
AGrader Pre Primary Tuition Worksheets
AGrader Pre Primary Tuition Worksheets

Celebratory Events & Activities

What makes weekly lessons extra fun? We celebrate both international and local events all year round - Educating our younger ones about the origin & meaning behind every occasion and imparting moral values to them.

AGrader Pre Primary Class Activities
AGrader Pre Primary Class Activities
AGrader Pre Primary Class Activities
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preschool tuition
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kindergarten tuition
kindergarten tuition
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The popular P1 Preparatory Class is available at over 19 locations islandwide!


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