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Even if Mathematics looks easy at the primary level, many students lag behind and fail to secure good marks. They either fail to have confidence in the subject, or they are unable to grasp the technique to solve it correctly. Whatever be the reasons, parents often find it challenging to improve children's marks in mathematics. Using the wrong model or going through the wrong technique due to the lack of suitable guidance can have a negative impact on your children's score. Even if your children are unable to get the simplest of the method, it is time to look for the ideal Primary maths tuition centre to get suitable assistance.

To cope up with the fast pace at school, get your child enrolled at Agrader. Be it Primary 1 mathematics tuition or primary 2 maths tuition, Agrader is among the top learning center with a suitable subject training program. Our latest learning technique help students learn faster and cope up with the situation better. With our learning center spread over different locations of Singapore, you can get your child enrolled at our Primary maths tuition centre jurong. In Primary Math tuition jurong and other centers, the fees structure remains the same throughout. We make it affordable for parents and trying our best to assist the students and improve their grades in mathematics. 

Why choose Agrader over others?

For solving challenging mathematics problem fast and try efficient techniques, Agrader is the suitable learning center parents should look forward to. For suitable Primary 2 mathematics tuition, our experts teach students in a latest technique through which it becomes easy for students to solve tough problems quickly. By understanding the weaknesses of the students, our experts try to help them deal with the problem better. We try our best to help students work on their solving skills and adopt the latest one for better results.

Whether it is for Primary 3 maths tuition or Primary 4 maths tuition, our simplified procedure of solving problems help students understand the core of the subject better. 

Wrapping it up 

In all primary levels of mathematics, including Primary 6 maths tuition, Agrader's main motive is to ensure that students can have a better understanding of the core of the concept. Our educators give adequate confidence to help students crack the final exam in one go. Also, we try to install appreciation and love for the subject in students so that they are able to face challenges smoothly. Therefore, we teach our students to face every challenge yet excel in the subject and come with flying colors.

What is the main focus of Agrader?

 For any primary level of guidance in mathematics, get in touch with our expert team now for better results. To improve your children's grade in Maths our experienced and qualified teachers shall provide adequate assistance. Become part of our trial classes now before they are full. Get the best guidance for your kid from our end and help them achieve success better with the evolving pattern of the curriculum in school.     

AGrader's Mathematics curriculum is delivered in a
step-by-step approach. The structure is as follows:








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Tired of Seeing The Lack of Improvement In Your Child's Mathematics Results?

Although Math looks easy at Primary School Level, many children are lagging behind in school. 

They are always drawing the wrong models and can't seem to grasp even the most simple concept they had learnt in school. Parents are at a loss as to how to help them.  

The pace in school is so fast. Before your child can understand, the teacher has already moved on to the next topic.

Why Do Many Kids Grow Up To Hate Maths & Eventually Fail?

Along the way, problem sums gets more difficult and complicated. As they grow older, the challenge becomes greater and your child will eventually HATE MATHS.

If they don’t work on their foundation NOW, its going to snowball and they will be doing worst in later years in their academic studies!

What many parents fail to see is that, Maths is the basis in many subjects in the future. Having a bad Maths foundation will affect other subjects such as physics and chemistry in their secondary school..
We understand that the school has a very high ratio of student to teacher. Hence, many students get divided attention which may not be according to your child’s pace. 

Sending your child to a Maths Tuition Centre can help to bridge the gap so your child, will not only catch up with the syllabus, but also learn techniques never taught by his/her school teachers to solve difficult Mathematics sums!

As A Parent, What Can You Do To Help Your Child?

Solve 90% of the Challenging Maths Problems Fast, with Efficient

Techniques Using Our Methods!

AGrader Maths tutors adopts the use of Heuristics to teach our students Problem Solving Skills. This can help your child to tackle the most mind boggling problem sums with great ease.
To Make A Representation
  • Draw a diagram
  • Make a list
  • Use equations
To Make A Calculated Guess
  • Guess and check
  • Look for patterns
  • Make supposition
To Go Through The Process
  • Act it out
  • Work backwards
  • Before - After
To Change The
  • Restate the problem
  • Simplify the problem
  • Solve part of the problem

Primary Math Tuition & Enrichment Classes


You’ve landed on the right page if you’re looking for a high quality Primary Math Tuition & Enrichment programme to improve your child's results.


Targeted at students in Primary 1 to 6 – our Mathematics programme follows the latest syllabus stipulated by the Ministry of Education and it aims to:


Ensure that our students have a strong grasp of the core concepts.


Train students to apply the basic concepts through the usage of thinking skills and heuristics in problem solving.


Giving confidence to our students by preparing them well for their schools examinations.


Instill a sustained passion and appreciation for Mathematics in ourstudents.

Challenge our students to excel in the subject.


Challenge our students to excel in the subject.




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