Primary 1 to Primary 6

Primary Math tuition centre Singapore
Primary Math tuition centre Singapore

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Looking for a high quality primary Maths tuition class?

Targeted at students in Primary 1 to 6, our Primary Math tuition programme follows the latest syllabus stipulated by the Ministry of Education and it aims to:


  • Ensure that our students have a strong grasp of the core concepts.

  • Train students to apply the basic concepts through the usage of thinking skills and heuristics in problem solving.

  • Giving confidence to our students by preparing them well for their school’s examinations.

  • Instil a sustained passion and appreciation for Mathematics in our students.

  • Challenge our students to excel in the subject.

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Why AGrader?

Our experts teach students with the latest technique that helps students to solve tough Math problems quickly and easily.

By understanding the weaknesses of each students, our experts are able to help them improve better. We always try our best to help students work on their solving skills and adopt the latest technique for better results.

Whether your child is in Primary 1 or Primary 6, we simplified Math theory to help students understand the core of subject better. 

Robust curriculum | Primary Math tuition centre Singapore

Robust Educational Curriculum

We have a dedicated and experienced team of curriculum writers to craft and update the worksheets, cheat-sheets and concept maps that are exclusively for AGrader students only.

Learning Activities | Primary Math tuition centre Singapore

Learning at AGrader is NEVER boring as students learn concepts through fun and hands on experiments!

Qualified Teachrs | Primary Math tuition centre Singapore