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Dear Educators & Administrators,

Welcome to AGrader Learning Centre!

If you are looking to work together with us to play a part in shaping the future of our nation, we extend the warmest welcome possible to you. 

Below are the TOP 3 roles that we are constantly looking out for:


Teachers are educators who are hands-on & involved in the day-to-day teaching in our classrooms.  

You need to be either an NIE-Trained MOE Ex-School Teacher, OR a competent Graduate Private Tutor with at least 3 years of tutoring experience 

You must also possess good communication & delivery skills​


Administrators are intelligent, hands-on managers & executives involved in the direct day-to-day operations of a tuition centre - performing all functions with the exception of teaching. 

For full-timers:
You need to have a relevant Diploma or Degree certification. No experience is required.


For part-timers:

Intelligent, responsible university students are welcome for this position. 

You must also possess excellent communication & multi-tasking skills​

Curriculum Writers

Curriculum Writers are back-office educators, responsible for the impeccable worksheets & materials that AGrader Learning Centre has come to be known for.

You need to be either a current or Ex, NIE-Trained MOE School Teacher OR Competent Private Tutor with at least 5 years of tutoring experience 

You must be meticulous, be extremely versed in the latest school syllabus, possess excellent visualisation skills and an ability to keep to deadlines. 

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