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Introducing the AGrader “Tablet Revision”

Dear Parent,

Recently our team has come up with a new concept called the “AGrader Tablet Revision” to support your child’s learning journey & help him/her to improve more through more targeted practice & revision.

We’ve come up with 3 to 5 “Revision Packs” from past worksheets & lessons for every level & subject (P1 to P6 English, Math, Science) for your child to practise on, and would like to invite you to send your child down (for free) to work on these revision packs (only available for enrolled students)

We will provide the following for each Revision Session booked:

1. An iPad 📱

2. A set of headphones 🎧

3. 1x Revision Pack 📝

🎥⬇️ We’ve made a video so you can view more details about the Tablet Revision programme:

[Here’s How to Book Your Slot ⏲️]:

Step 1: Visit and select your tuition branch to reserve your slot.

Step 2: Our centre will reserve your slot, prepare your worksheets in advance and wait for you to arrive.



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