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Primary 3 Science for September - Life Cycles in Animals

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Here's what students can expect for Primary 3 Science for the month of September

By now, the school should be completing the topic on life cycles in Animals. For today’s blog, we will be introducing the last part of life cycles in animals. In this part, students are required to compare the different organism’s life cycle.

There are a few factors which students can compare.

The ones in bold are the recommend factors to compare.

Common question type of this topics is general knowledge recall questions which require them to apply the concepts they have learnt.

For instance, let's refer to this question.

In this question, students must observe the 2 life cycles properly and remember to compare the key recommended factorsNumber of stages, location and resemblance

  • Let's look at part (a), since the question is requesting for similarity, we have to look at the 3 recommended factors and pick out the one that is the same. In this case both organisms spends its life cycle entirely on land.

  • Now let's look at part (b), since the question is requesting for difference, we can again look at the 3 recommended factors and pick out the one that is different. In this case. There are 2 possible answers, comparing resemblance factor: Organism X has a young that does not resemble the adult while organism Y has young that resembles the adult. Or comparing number of stages: Organism X has 4 stages in its life cycle while organism Y has 3-stages in its life cycle.

Students not only have to remember the 3 recommended factors to compare, they have to remember to answer similarity questions with the word “both” and differences question with the word “but” and answer differences questions completely to score well.


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