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Primary 4 Math for October - Time

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Here's what students can expect for Primary 4 Math for the month of October.

In October, Students will be doing Time.

In P4, they learn how to measure time in seconds and that 1 min = 60s. They also learnt how to write time in the 24-hour clock. Eg: 2.15 p.m. = 14 15

At the same time, similar to what they have learnt at P3, they have to find the starting time, finishing time and duration of activity on a timeline. And these questions may involve the time in the 12-hour clock and the 24- hour clock

Time in P4 seems pretty much the same other than the seconds and the 24-hour clock. Are there any challenging question to share?

Generally if they are no problem with P3 Time, they will be ok with P Time.

Let’s look at this kind of question that requires students to find the time difference between 2 locations before answering the question.

Let's have a look at this challenging question:

This is a question that students often get confused even at P6.


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