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Primary 4 Math for September - Tables and Line Graphs

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Here's what students can expect for Primary 4 Math for the month of September.

In the month of September, students will be doing Tables and Line Graphs

It seems to be a continuation of picture graphs and bar graphs from lower primary. So, what are the new concepts taught?

Yes it is indeed a continuation from lower primary. Just that the information presented are in table form or line graph form. Students may be required to complete the table from given data, read and interpret data and solve using data from the table or line graph.

This topic seems fairly easy. Are there any common mistakes to take note of?

  • It is advised that for line graphs, students should make it a good habit to write down the value for each data before attempting the questions.

  • A common mistake made by students when answering this type of question below.

But it should be: 10 people have 0 pets, 12 people have 1 pet and so on.

Hence the correct solution is 10 × 0 + 12 × 1 + 6 × 2 + 0 × 3 + 5 × 4 = 44


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