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Understanding the Weightage of PSLE Chinese Exam Scores in Singapore to Improve Your Child’s Performance

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Academic performance is a crucial aspect of a child's education development that most parents would prioritise. To better understand and support your child's learning journey, here's a detailed overview of the PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) Chinese subject components and their respective weightages.

PSLE Chinese Subject Score Distribution

The PSLE Chinese subject assessment is divided into four main parts, with a total score of 200%:

  1. Chinese Composition (40% of the total score): This chinese compo section evaluates students' language expression abilities and logical thinking, reflecting their overall competence in Chinese language.

  2. Reading Comprehension (Booklet A and B, 90% of the total score): Booklet A consists mainly of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) testing basic language knowledge, while Booklet B assesses students' reading comprehension skills. A strong foundation in Chinese characters and language is key to achieving high scores.

  3. Oral Examination (50% of the total score): This includes reading aloud passages and conversational skills, evaluating students' verbal expression and communication abilities, which are crucial for comprehensive language development.

  4. Listening Comprehension (20% of the total score): This part tests students' listening comprehension skills, essential for understanding spoken Mandarin.

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Our Teaching Methods at the Chinese Enrichment Class

Our Chinese tuition classes in Singapore are dedicated to helping students discover a learning method that suits them through a personalised approach. Our team of experienced teachers focuses not only on enhancing students' Chinese language skills but also on fostering their interest and confidence in learning Chinese.

We offer lessons covering:

  • Hanyu Pinyin

  • Vocabulary

  • Language Application

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Writing 

  • Listening and Speaking 

Through comprehensive practice and learning, we help students significantly improve their Chinese language scores, preparing them well for the PSLE Chinese exams.

score weightage for psle in chinese

Grades  (AL)

Scoring Range

















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Enrol Your Child in AGrader’s Chinese Lesson in Singapore Today!

Looking for a reliable Chinese enrichment class in Singapore? Our dedicated team is here to help your child excel and achieve their academic goals.

Our lessons are designed to align with the Ministry of Education's (MOE) latest curriculum, ensuring your child receives the best possible education. Additionally, AGrader’s free after-class resources, LessonTube from the EverLoop Improvement System are available for students to catch up on missed lessons or revisit lessons anytime, anywhere, via lesson recordings.

With multiple enrichment centres islandwide, AGrader is conveniently accessible near your neighbourhood. Sign up for AGrader’s Chinese lessons today and help your child thrive in Chinese language mastery!

Check out more details about our Primary Chinese lessons here.

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