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Secondary 2 English for September - Expository Writing

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Here's what students can expect for Secondary 2 English for the month of September

Expository writing is one that Secondary 2 students would start to do more of now. This is where they write about non-fiction, usually discussing issues related to their identity as a student, a young person. Two sub-genres that students are familiar with when it comes to expository writing would be the discursive and argumentative genres.

Some features of expositions are that:

  • It informs about something (gives us opinions, information and ideas)

  • It demonstrates an ability to think critically and come to a logical outcome

  • Claims made would be supported with evidence and reasoning.

Students will be introduced to terms like:

General statement – gives us an introduction to the issue, why it is of significance to discuss. Some teachers call it a hook to the essay, getting your reader to be interested in the topic that you want to present.

Thesis statement – Found in the introduction, it is to give the reader an idea of what will be presented in the essay.

Topic sentence – This is not found in the introduction but in the body paragraphs where, usually in one sentence, it tells us the main point of that paragraph.


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