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How Pre-Primary Tuition Helps Your Child Build Skills For Primary 1

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Pre-Primary Tuition

How can you help your kindergarten child to build routines and skills that prepare them for the move to Primary school?

‘A child’s home and school help them to develop in different areas,’ shares Teacher Jean, an experienced tutor from AGrader’s Hougang branch. ‘There is plenty of common ground to reinforce learning and positive habits.’

To illustrate: many preschools organise day trips to Primary schools for graduating K2 students. The standalone journey offers a taste of what to expect. Additionally, the pre-primary tuition centre in woodlands can help to build on this experience and support your efforts at home.

Pre-primary tuition offers your child opportunities to consistently prepare them for academic growth in their Primary school education. Let’s take a look at these key skills.

1. Adapting To New Environments And Routine

Pre-Primary Tuition

In comparison to preschool, Primary 1 students have more classmates and need to stay seated for a longer duration of time. The latter is especially challenging for preschoolers with relatively short attention spans.

Pre-primary tuition classes follow a similar structure to those in Primary school. As such, weekly classes allow young children more time to adapt to these new settings.

Your child also gets to meet new and different people. They get more time to adjust to new rules and routines that will guide them through their next academic phase.

2. Writing

Pre-Primary Tuition

The physical act of writing can be a chore or challenge for many preschoolers in their early childhood. With pre-primary tuition, students have more opportunities to practise how they write.

As part of pre-primary tuition classes, students copy data from the board to their worksheets. This builds hand-eye coordination and improves spatial organisation. The latter helps them to gauge how much space their words would take up on paper before writing.

Through consistent practice at weekly classes, they develop necessary hand muscles and coordination for the vital skill of handwriting.

3. Numeracy

Pre-Primary Tuition

Enrolling in tuition for k1 children to improve numeracy skills equips young learners with the necessary tools to learn more effectively in primary school. (If you’re looking for easy ways to do so at home, check out our highly recommended activities here.)

At AGrader Learning Centre, we use a Dual-Pronged approach that covers holistic components of English and Mathematics to prepare our students for Primary 1 based on the latest MOE syllabus. As pre-primary students have a limited attention span, switching subjects in the class allow them to maintain their interest and focus. This way, students get to build both literacy and numeracy skills.

Our classes also use fun and engaging activities to capture their attention. This includes online Math games and resources with eye-catching illustrations!

4. Literacy

Pre-Primary Tuition - English Spelling Flashcards

Literacy is key not only for English in Primary school but also other subjects such as Math and Science. Your child can develop a strong foundation in literacy through their daily classes, your efforts at home, and pre-primary tuition.

Each week, students at AGrader are introduced to words through colourful spelling flashcards. The words are based on the “Dolch Sight-Words” to build their vocabulary week after week. These words make up more than 80% of children’s books. As such, mastering them makes reading easier as your child would then have relatively fewer new words to focus on.

Pre-Primary Tuition

As most students love stories, teachers at AGrader make a point to read together. This way, students have fun as they learn.

They also work with their teachers to sound out more challenging words. These simple techniques can then be replicated with their parents at home. Working together, parents and teachers can reinforce different skills to build stronger foundations.

5. Social & Emotional Development

Pre-Primary Tuition

Showing up for weekly tuition gives your child more opportunities to develop their social skills and emotional wellbeing.

They also get to practise positive behaviours such as taking turns to speak. This helps them to build confidence from a young age. They also learn to share – a habit that might be relatively foreign to them, especially if they’re the only child!

Lastly, we believe in nurturing early learners to build skills that are becoming increasingly essential in today’s uncertain world. This includes curiosity and empathy, which we nurture at AGrader through celebrating different festivals and occasions all year round.

Pre-Primary Tuition

Pre-Primary Tuition

Through our additional celebratory events and activities in pre-primary tuition classes, students are introduced to the origins of celebrations and events from all over the world. They also get to enjoy hands-on craft activities, such as creating greeting cards. This, in turn, encourages them to understand the values and meaning behind each event.

Pre-Primary Tuition

AGrader Pre-Primary tuition classes have been designed to support young learners in building strong foundations for Primary 1. Learn English and Math effectively in one lesson with our Dual-Pronged Approach. Enjoy lively lessons with resources that are in line with the latest MOE syllabus and interactive hands-on activities. Find out more about our engaging lessons for pre-primary students here.


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