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Ensure The Smoothest Transition To Primary School With Kindergarten Level P1 Preparatory Tuition

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

When children move from kindergarten to primary school, it’s a big change to most of them as they need to adjust to a different study environment, more advanced academic syllabus, teaching methods, as well as meeting new friends and teachers. Transition is one of the crucial periods to ensure our child adapts as smoothly as possible to build their confidence and passion for learning. Preparing your child with primary 1 syllabus ahead of school is a great head start to build a solid foundation and excel in primary school education. This helps to build positive momentum and prepare them mentally for what to expect in primary schools.

At AGrader, we take on a “step-by-step” approach that will help your child first master the fundamental skills of reading, writing and counting, before gradually exposing him/her to the Primary 1 English and Mathematics syllabus, preparing them for what they will face in the years ahead. With the 'Dual Pronged' approach, our students get to learn both subjects - English and Math at the same time when they sign up for the lesson. What is the ‘Dual Pronged’ Approach?

Based on our experience, young children have a very limited attention span. With the ‘Dual Pronged’ approach, our teachers switch between English and Math subjects in the same class to help students maintain their interest and attention level to ensure they get the most out of their 1.5hours lessons.

Through this refined approach, it covers the holistic components of English and Maths according to the latest syllabus of MOE. The study materials are specially designed by our experienced educators to bridge the gap between Kindergarten and Primary 1.

AGrader’s Teaching Approach

To cultivate the passion in learning at a young age, the primary 1 preparatory class is always fun-filled with lots of engaging activities.

The English portion includes interactive class discussions, stories, games, songs, open-ended questions and interactive whiteboard activities, making the world come alive in the classrooms. Foundational creative writing skills are also introduced to instill a love for writing and inspire creativity and imagination. To introduce new vocabulary to our students, specially curated spelling flashcards with illustrations are distributed weekly in the classroom. Students are then given worksheets to practise the new words they learnt.

Pre-Primary English Spelling Flash Card and Worksheet Sample

On the other hand, the Math portion prepares pre-primary children with important mathematical concepts. Each concept is introduced through various strategies, including challenging problem-solving questions and activities to develop higher-order thinking skills.

We also further enhance lessons through hands-on activities using manipulatives, flashcards and interactive whiteboard activities in a fun learning environment.

Pre-Primary Math Worksheet Sample

A student trying out interactive whiteboard activities in class to learn Math

To help students consolidate and apply what they have learnt, a quarterly revision will be provided for every student. On top of this, a checklist will be provided which is filled by the teacher to update on the student's progress and weakness done in a class for every term. At the end of every term, a checklist will be filled by the teacher to update the student’s progress in class for every term so parents can understand their child’s progress better.

Sample of student progress checklist

Apart from academic learning during tuition for k1 in Singapore, we also impart additional knowledge to our students in their everyday lives. During every special occasion or festive period, we include some fun and giveable activities in the class to instill important values of these occasions, for example, the national day, mother’s day, racial harmony day and so on.

Photo of in-class activities to celebrate festivals

Are you ready to help your child prepare for primary 1? Feel free to contact us or check out more details on the K1 & K2 kindergarten tuition lessons here. We’re here to resolve every query related to tuition services!

For those living in the west region of Singapore and would like to enrol, AGrader Boon Lay tuition is located at The Frontier CC, right beside Jurong Point & Boon Lay MRT.


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