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Primary 2 Math for December - Preparation Tips For Parents

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

If you are looking for an article that will help you better prepare your Primary 1 child for Primary 2 Math, AGrader Learning Centre has condensed all the information that you might need in this short 2 minutes read article.

1. Topics in Primary 2 Math

  • Whole Numbers

  • Addition

  • Subtraction

  • Money

  • Multiplication

  • Division

  • Pattern

  • Fractions

  • Time

  • 2D Shapes

  • 3D Shapes

  • Data Analysis

2. Main Differences Between Primary 1 and Primary 2 Math

  • In P2, numbers used are bigger


P1: Students handle numbers 0 to 100

P2: Students will learn numbers up to 1000

  • Mathematics topics taught in P2 are taught more in depth, such as Length, Money, Time, Picture Graphs and Shapes

e.g. P1: Students learn how to count money in dollars and cents separately P2: Students learn how to count money in dollars and cents combined.

  • Problem sums will require more steps to solve and will not be as straightforward.

e.g. P1: The sum of two numbers is 77. One of the numbers is 28. Find the other number P2: The difference between two numbers is 28. The smaller number is 28. Find the sum of the two numbers

  • Usage of models are also extended in problem sums


  • The answer box for students to write their answers in for Section C will be removed, the P2 students must remember to write their number equations at the end of their answer

3. What Can Parents Do to Help a Primary 2 Student in Learning Mathematics? (Tips for Parents)

  • Identify weaker topics in P1 and give them more practice on it

  • Test them on the 4 operations in daily activities

e.g. How many wheels does that car have? How many nuggets are in the box? How many nuggets would each person at the table receive if we were to share the box of nuggets?

  • Encourage them to be neat when presenting their workings and answers

  • Remind them to write number equations as the box in Section C will be removed in P2

  • Play online games associated with the topics

About the Author of This Article

Ms. Jennifer Boh is the Head of Mathematics Curriculum for AGrader Learning Centre. After obtaining her Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics at National University of Singapore (NUS), Ms. Boh embarked on her teaching career in Mathematics and has since accumulated 16 years of experience in teaching and writing Primary School Mathematics' Curriculum. Not only so, Ms. Boh is the author behind several Primary Mathematics assessment books that are sold widely in major bookstores in Singapore.

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