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Primary 3 Math for September - Angles and Parallel and Perpendicular lines

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Here's what students can expect for Primary 3 Math for the month of September.

In September, P3 students will be doing Angles and Parallel and Perpendicular lines.

Let’s look at one topic: Angles first. What would be the concepts taught?

Students will learn what are angles and at the same time identifying acute angles, obtuse angles and right angles.

  • They will then have to do comparing and ordering of angles.

  • Lastly, other than angles given in the figures, they have to understand angles in objects too.

This seems to be an easy topic. What are the challenges students face?

A few things to take note for this topic:

  • Firstly, would be the spelling of the angles.

  • The other issue that student may face is the identifying of whether it is greater or smaller than a right angle especially when it is rotated as shown below.


Get them familiarise themselves with using their ruler as a right angle. And they will be able to see if the angle is greater or smaller than a right angle.

What about the other topic: Parallel and Perpendicular lines?

What would be the concepts taught?

In this topic, Students have to know and identify parallel and perpendicular lines and also horizontal and vertical lines. They will also have to draw parallel and perpendicular lines on square grids

What are the things to take note of?

Generally, students are quite ok with this topic.

  • Just a reminder that when drawing parallel and perpendicular lines on square grids, accuracy is very important and necessary. Hence it will be good to remind them to cultivate their sense of perfection.


I get my students to remember parallel and perpendicular lines as 7 -11.


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