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Primary 5 Science for October - Electricity

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Here's what students can expect for Primary 5 Science for the month of October.

For this month, the school should be completing the topic on Electricity.

There are a few key concepts that they need to know for this topic: Number 1, recognise components of an electric circuit such as battery, wire, bulb switch and drawing it using symbols as shown in the table here.

Number 2, an electrical current can only flow in a closed circuit. However, if there is a gap or the components are not connected or not working properly, it forms an open circuit where electricity cannot flow through Number 3, the proper connection of the components, like the bulb have to be connected at the metal tip and metal casing as shown in this diagram.

Batteries must also be connected properly whereby the positive terminal is facing the negative terminal as shown in the diagram.

Number 4, identifying electrical conductors and insulators. Metals and water are conductors while other materials are mostly insulators Lastly, factors which will affect the brightness of the bulbs which will be heavily tested, students are only required to learn about series arrangement in batteries, thus more batteries mean more electricity, resulting in brighter bulb. Also, the advantages and disadvantages of different arrangement of bulbs as shown in the table here.

A way that students can remember is that series starts with the letter “s” which indicates “sharing” since the bulbs have to “share” electricity, they each will have lesser electricity thus they will be dimmer.

Do take note that parallel arrangement in batteries are not tested in exams.

Most questions on this topic requires knowledge recall and applying concepts to explanation questions. Let's look at the question shown here.

For part (a), it is advisable for students to follow the lines (wires) starting from one end of the battery and make sure that the electrical path reaches the other end of the batteries and shown in yellow in the question. Students will then be able to visualise easily. Since the path passes through W, X and Z, they will all remain lit up.

For part (b), we need to employ the 2 steps answering technique observation and science concept, since there are no results provided in the question.

Observation: As the bulbs are arranged in parallel

Science concept: there is still another path forming a closed circuit for electric current to pass through bulbs W, X and Z, allowing them to light up.


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