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Get To Know The Step-By-Step Teaching Methodology For Primary Math Tuition

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

At the primary level, mathematics is essential to develop good computational skills, problem-solving, reasoning and logical thinking at an early age. Learning mathematics at the primary level introduces children to key concepts and logical thinking that is vital to deal with everyday life.

AGrader with its robust educational curriculum, effective learning activities, and qualified skilled teachers provides a good platform to secure a grasp on core concepts by the usage of heuristics and thinking skills in problem-solving and thereby instilling passion and appreciation for mathematics among students.

Using efficient heuristics techniques, the teachers at AGrader help students tackle challenging math problems with ease.

To develop math skills in students in a “step-by-step” method, here are the 5 components the AGrader Math curriculum adopts:

  1. Notes: For every new topic, notes are provided for students to introduce students on the new concept and to build up a strong foundation to the topic according to the latest MOE syllabus.

  2. Short Exercises: Based on the concepts covered in the notes, students are given short exercises to practise and strengthen their understanding of the new concepts.

  3. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): MCQ questions are also designed as a step-by-step approach to tackle the basic questions in bite-size pieces.

  4. Problem Sums: Along with the MCQs and short exercises, problem sums that test similar heuristics will be bundled together for students to practise more effectively.

  5. Topical Reviews: Lastly, to sum up the learnings in every new topic, a topical review will be included in the teaching. This includes a mixture of questions from MCQs, short-answer questions and topical reviews to round up the topic.

AGrader’s primary math teaching approach

Before the examinations, students will get to try out revision papers, consisting of mixed topics of what they’ve acquired earlier in the math tuition class. At our primary school math tuition in Singapore, we provide our students with ample opportunities to practice and prepare for their exams to achieve their academic goals.

Additionally, diagnostic tests will be held twice a year (mid-year and end-year) to ensure students have a complete revision of the syllabus and to practise their time management skills. In addition to that, during the lessons of tuition for k1 in Singapore, the admiralty tuition centre also offers handy cheat sheets and worksheets to students.

Primary math cheat sheet samples

Uniquely and exclusively only available at AGrader, all AGrader students have the privilege and access to the EverLoop Improvement System complimentary to their enrolment with us and can come to the centre for revision as many times as is required so they can improve better.

Students attending their EverLoop revision session

Primary math worksheet samples

Interested to find out more about AGrader’s primary maths tuition lessons and its unique offerings? Contact us via Whatsapp, email, or by calling in. We have got some bonuses to offer you when your child enrolls in one of our lessons!


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