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Secondary 1 English for September - Introduction To Paper 2 (The Non-Narrative Comprehension)

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Here's what students can expect for Secondary 1 English for the month of September.

Today we would like to introduce the third section of Paper 2, the non-narrative comprehension. As its name suggests, non-narrative comprehension (Section C) means that the text is one that is factual in nature, discussing real-world issues.

What is it?

In Text 3, the comprehension questions tend to focus on extracting relevant information. Often, you will have to identify the relevant information and express that in your own words. The focus for Text 3 questions may not be specifically on language use but it is still important to read closely. While contextual clues may point you in the right direction, your ability to accurately identify relevant information depends on your appreciation of the nuances in language.

Here are some common types of questions you will encounter:

  1. Refer to Paragraph 1. Explain in your own words how teenagers nowadays make use of the internet

  2. How do you know that the author is afraid?

The Summary component is also based on Text 3. It tests your ability to identify relevant information and express them in continuous writing in relation to the focus of the Summary question.

At AGrader, we believe in teaching techniques to handle the question types. To do that effectively, we work with short excerpts from different passages, repeating the practice of answering a particular question type and learning how to analyse non-narrative texts using different content.


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