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Secondary 4 English for September - Paper 2

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Here's what students can expect on English tuition for secondary for the month of September.

Paper 2 comprises of 3 sections: Visual Comprehension, Narrative Comprehension, Non-narrative Comprehension. The time allocated for this paper is 1h 50 minutes and just like Paper 1, is 35% of the English Language paper. A rough guide for students would be 15 minutes for Visual Text comprehension, 35 minutes for Narrative Comprehension and 45 minutes for Non-narrative. The remaining time should be used for checking and editing their answers if errors are spotted.

Tackling Visual Comprehension

According to the scheme of assessment, VTC or Section A of Paper 2 is where students respond to questions based on a visual text. There are about 3-4 questions, adding up to 5 marks for this section.

Though a short section, students’ answers are often inaccurate and lack specificity.

There are many elements in the visual text that students need to understand.

“bolding of words”, “capitalization”, use of punctuation marks, special effects

Students need to understand why these are used. The visual text questions always deal with three things:

  1. Purpose

  2. Audience

  3. Context

So before looking at the specific questions, students need to ask themselves three questions:

  1. What is the purpose of this advertisement/poster/flyer? Does it want to give information, raise awareness or encourage me to take action for something?

  2. Who is this for? There should be a specific audience.

  3. How do the images represent the message of the text?

Understanding these three ideas would help students to answer most types of visual text questions.


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