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Growing appropriate writing skill is important for your child. For this, proper guidance is required. Despite attending writing classes in school, your child may fail to improve their writing quality. To understand their faults and weaknesses in writing and work on it better, proper guidance is required. For this, it is the responsibility of parents to enroll your parents with the right writing program class.

So, without worrying further, it is time to get your children enrolled with Agrader. Our Primary writing classes are divided into different sections from Primary 1

Writing Classes to Primary 6 Writing Classes. To develop a student's writing skills and help students understand the mastery of using vocabulary while writing, Agrader never fail to offer Good Creative Writing classes. We have extended our training program to several areas of Singapore, and so, parents can approach for Creative Writing classes jurong to quickly enroll their kids. Both for Primary writing classes jurong and Primary writing classes Yishun, we have the same fee structure, and for any assistance, you can email us, contact us through Whatsapp or other social media platforms.

What is the main target of Agrader?

From Primary 1, Primary 2 Writing Classes and other writing classes, these are offered at Agrader. To know about details of Primary 1 English writing lessons to Primary 6 English writing lessons, different curriculum has been set for the students to improve in English creating writing. For this, students must have the right vocabulary. Besides, teachers in Primary 3 Writing Classes help students to improve their vocabulary and help them with the right use of words to improve the quality of their writing.  

So, whether it is Creative Writing classes yishun or Jurong, teachers are experienced one to provide top-notch guidance to help help students stay ahead of others in their

school. With a poor command on the English language, it can become difficult for your kid to get good marks in the language.  As you go through Primary 2 English writing lessons or Primary 3 English writing lessons, you can grasp a better insight into our curriculum details. Starting from writing components, building strong vocabulary to writing an appropriate conclusion and working on the mistake, experienced tutors shall help students to come with flying colors in primary English writing exams.

Before you get your children enrolled for Primary 4 Writing Classes or Primary 5 Writing Classes, it is important to go through the Primary 4 English writing lessons and what is offered under the writing training program. Under the Primary 5 English writing lessons, tutors review the mistakes carefully and try to help students with the same. 

The Final Part 

For the Best Creative Writing classes, get in touch with our experienced tutors to help your child improve their writing skills and excel in their school. So, without any further delay, go through our review section and get to know about the number of successful students that our learning center has produced. Get your children enrolled now and help them work on their English writing skills from young age.  

You've landed on the right page if you're looking for a high quality Primary Level Writing Tuition & Enrichment programme to improve your child's results.

This course develops students' effective writing skills, enhancing their overall language appreciation and mastery.

Targeted at students in Primary 1 to 6 - our Creative Writing (English) programme follows the latest English syllabus stipulated by the Ministry of Education, taking into all changes in the syllabi for PSLE 2015, and it aims to:

Develop students' effective writing skills.

Enhancing our students' overall language appreciation and mastery.

Giving confidence to our student's by preparing them well for their schools examinations.

Instill a sustained passion and appreciation for English & Writing in our students.

Challenge our students to excel in the subject.

Levels that are offered are:
Primary 1
Primary 2
Primary 3
Primary 4
Primary 5
Primary 6
Please find as below the curriculum details for our Creative Writing programme.
Writing Components

Narrative and Personal Recounts

Descriptive Writing

Critical Analysis of Suggested Responses

Getting started

Brainstorming the Story Structure:

Setting Main Characters and Plot Elements Evaluation of Conflicts and Solutions

Building Tension

Tension Between Characters

Tension with the Setting - Weather,

Location, Environment

Tension with the Self

Review of Common Mistakes Committed

Poor Expression

Language Errors  -  Incorrect Use of Punctuations,

Wrong Tenses, Spelling Errors

Inadequate Details

Memorable Main Event

Usage of Specific Thoughts and Emotions Verbs 'Showing' Action in Words

Main Character Thoughts and Feelings -   Direct and Indirect

Building Vocabulary

Weekly Reviews of New Words Discovered in Our Storybook Reading Programme Application of Phrases on Common Themes: Metaphors, Personification and Similes

e.g. Accidents, Mishaps, Events, Crime Overused Verbs and Adverbs Replacement Sentence Variation

Adding Speech - Using the Right Language

Satisfying Conclusion

Recalling the Past

Deciding for the Future / Lesson Learnt

Main Character Thoughts and Feelings

Writing a Captivating Beginning

Using Flashbacks

Using Speech/ Dialogue

Using Sound Effect

Using Description of Place and Weather

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