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Multi-Disciplinary Tuition Centre Chain Introduces its "Win-Win" Franchising Programme to Help YOU Start Your Own Tuition Centre.

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With Systems, Curriculum, Marketing, Branding all in place...

We're the top choice for Educators looking to start a tuition centre.

Enjoy 50% OFF Your First Month's Tuition Fees,

Get Your Child Prepared for Academic Year 2020! 

Dear Educators,

You've landed on the right page if you're thinking of starting your own tuition centre with a proven franchise system...

Welcome to

To our franchisees, we are business partners & the dedicated franchisors supporting their tuition centre franchises & working hard towards success together. 

Serving Thousands of Parents & Students Islandwide!

With 13 successful outlets currently, we welcome you to join us in our vision to expand islandwide if you have a heart for teaching, love for children & are seeking to inspire the next generation of learners

If you're interested in learning more about this education and tuition centre franchise opportunity, read the content below thoroughly before submitting the Franchise Enquiry Form at the bottom of the page. 

We hope to hear from you soon!


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Raving Reviews

1x Unique EverLoop

Improvement System

Available Nowhere Else

What Makes Us Different From Other Tuition Centres?

32 Levels & Subjects

First, we built (and are still building) a ROBUST EDUCATIONAL CURRICULUM spanning over 32 levels & subjects that is updated yearly that attracts educated parents like BEES to HONEY the moment they see our materials...

Tight & Refined Operations

Second, we have developed TIGHT & REFINED ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSES where part-timers "run the front-line show" at our centres (like McDonald's), while other centres employ "Centre Managers" that cost upwards of $4k/mth...


Thirdly & most importantly, we are the ONLY tuition centre franchising outfit that DOES THE REAL & ACTUAL MARKETING for our franchisees.


This is not only about "listing your location on our website" or providing you with some half-past six pamphlets to distribute.


We are talking about REAL, tangible, results-oriented LEAD-GENERATION FUNNELS with extensive email sequences & content marketing (many marketing jargons - but we'll show you in person what we mean exactly). 


This year, we are offering you the opportunity to start YOUR AGrader Learning Centre, and we will:

1. Draw the customers right to your door-step by handling your centre's marketing and working alongside you (NO other franchisors does this the way we do in Singapore)


2. Provide you with our extremely sought-after curriculum for ALL levels, ALL subjects. 


3. Equip you with the most intricately thought-out operational processes such that YOUR shop can be successful like ours too.

Question On Your Mind...

Is Taking On a Franchise

The Correct Decision?

Usually at this point in time, there're about 3 things most people consider:


1) Why should I take up a franchise? How about I start my own tuition centre?

Starting anything is easy.


It's succeeding that isn't so straightforward.. 


To do well in a competitive market with savvy, intelligent customers (Singaporean Parents), you'd need at least a solid curriculum that's constantly improving, being refined and kept up-to-date with the latest MOE syllabus. 

ALL levels & subjects from Pre-Primary, Primary to Secondary levels...

To craft over 32 levels & subjects worth of worksheets...

Teachers' copies...

Detailed worked solutions down to fine annotations...

Teachers' guides, notes & instructions...

Every week.

And it all has to be ON time without missing a SINGLE beat.

And all to be updated to the latest syllabus when the ministry decides to "make changes" (again)...

Every single year. 


You'd also need to have a good, legitimate brand that customers can relate to...


Marketing know-how and how to "draw in the students" as every centre starts with 0 (zero) students


(just imagine having to pay rent and teachers when you don't even have more than 5 students to begin with)

You'd also have to somehow get the design, renovation and building project done... 

What with the endless swarms of "IDs" trying to get their piece out of you...

Taking up an AGrader franchise provides you with many "short-cuts".

Saving you time, money, painful mistakes all at the same time.

2) Why should I take up a tuition centre franchise from AGrader?

There are other brands to consider...


We are definitely not the only brand out there. 

However, we are:


Transparent and about the only brand that provides so many different items as support to its franchisees.


In fact, we might just be the only brand that's really transparent with the most important information about us (instead of hiding behind complex application walls and hiding key information such as financial numbers...)

More importantly, we charge less fees so YOU earn more.

We invite you to read on, fill up the form and we'll send you what we call a "Franchise Discovery Document" when you put in your enquiry in the form below.


3)  Is starting an education business really for me? 


Our AGrader Instructors and Teachers are highly involved in shaping the learning journey of our students and helping them discover their true learning potential.


If you are passionate about the education of students and looking to better your life through the education of children...

Starting your own AGrader might just be the suitable thing for you.

13 Outlets Islandwide..

Who Are We Looking For?

  1. Fully Committed Individuals

  2. NIE-trained MOE School Teachers OR   Competent Private Tutors 

  3. Good Communication & Administrative Skills​

  1. Passive Investors

  2. Individuals Only Willing To Put In Part-Time Commitment

  3. Not-Teachable & Not-Ready-To-Learn Individuals 

What You'll Get As An AGrader Franchisee

Access to our curriculum & worksheets

Robust & Comprehensive Curriculum For All 32 Levels & Subjects

EverLoop Improvement System

The First Truly Unique Revision System in Singapore

Marketing & Branding

Effective Marketing Strategies To Attract Parents & Students

Proven Systems & Processes

Proven Systems & Processes to Keep Your Business Organized

Interested & think you might be a good fit?

Fill in the form below and we will be in contact shortly.

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