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Primary 1 Mathematics - Number Bonds

If you are looking for an article that can provide valuable tips and help on the Primary 1 Mathematics' Number Bonds topic, AGrader Learning Centre has condensed all the information that you might need in this short 2 minutes read article. 1. What is Taught in Number Bonds?

  • Brand new topic for the Kindergarten 2 students

  • “Parts” make up a “Whole”

  • Important foundation for Addition and Subtraction within 10

  • Mastery of this topic can aid students in exceling in Addition and Subtraction within 10

2. What is Required to Excel in Number Bonds?

  • Students must be independent in reading and answering questions with little guidance

  • Students must be good in writing and spelling numbers to 10

3. What Are Some Common Mistakes?

  • “Eight” is often spelt wrongly

  • Misreading or not understanding questions in long sentences

4. What Can Parents Do to Help Their Child Prepare Better For Number Bonds?

  • Familiarize with what is a “Whole” and a “Part”, always identify which is the “Whole” and which are the “Parts” in the question first

  • Use snap cubes or DIY games like stickers to help students understand the concept first

  • Interactive games such as Math Story can help in retaining knowledge as well

  • Inject learning in daily activities

e.g. In a basket of fruits, the number of apples, oranges, bananas and kiwis are individual parts respectively. Adding the parts together gives you a whole, which is the total number of fruits in the basket.

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About the Author of This Article

Ms. Jennifer Boh is the Head of Mathematics Curriculum for AGrader Learning Centre. After obtaining her Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics at National University of Singapore (NUS), Ms. Boh embarked on her teaching career in Mathematics and has since accumulated 16 years of experience in teaching and writing Primary School Mathematics' Curriculum. Not only so, Ms. Boh is the author behind several Primary Mathematics assessment books that are sold widely in major bookstores in Singapore.

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