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Primary 2 Math for February - Addition and Subtraction Problem Sums

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Here's what students can expect for Primary 2 Math for the month of February.

In February, they will be exposed to more addition and subtraction problem sums which require model drawing. There are mainly two types of problem sums, namely the Part-Whole and Comparison models which I will be showing some examples.

In P2, in some schools, students will no longer be given boxes to guide them to write number statements for problem sums so students MUST remember to write the number sentences. Many only write the final answer and fail to write the number sentences which will result in marks lost.

The other topic taught in February is Length.

Here are 2 examples of problems sums which uses Part-Whole and Comparison models to solve. You may download the worksheet and get your child to try it out.

For example:

Alan went shopping with $1000. He bought a watch which cost $235 and a television which cost $139 more than the watch. How much money had he left?


Comparison Model

235 + 139 = 374 (Television)

235 + 374 = 609 (Total)

Part-Whole Model

1000 – 609 = 391

He had $391 left.

For the other topic Length, it is first introduced in P1.

However in P2 Length, students are taught the units of length (cm and m). They are also required to measure and draw a line of a given length. Hence the degree of accuracy is tested here.

They are also required to compare and order length. For Example, Which item is the longest? Arrange the following rulers according to their length.

And not forgetting solving word problems on length. Where students are to write the answer including the units as the final answer. Failure to do so results in loss of marks.

What can you do to prepare them?

Encourage them to be neat when presenting their answers and workings on the paper. A good habit to cultivate!

Also to remember write the number equations.

Encourage to start drawing simple models so as to prepare for the more advanced model drawing in future.

Play games with them to associate/introduce them to the new topics.

What are the common mistakes made by P1 students?

Remind students to measure the length using a ruler and it has to start from ‘0’ cm. Remind and emphasise the importance of accuracy when they are measuring and drawing lines. As writing units is relatively new to them, remind them to check when writing down the final answers for Section C.


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