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Primary 3 Math for February - Problem Solving on Addition and Subtraction and Multiplication

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Here's what students can expect for Primary 3 Math for the month of February.

Topics taught in February are usually Problem Solving on Addition and Subtraction and Multiplication Tables of 6,7,8 and 9.

Model drawing is an essential part of solving the problem sums. Some require heuristic. Heuristic is an approach to problem solving.

For Example: Making a Systematic list, Guess and Check, Working backwards and more.

For P3, Working backwards is one of the more challenging and commonly tested whole number problem sums.

What can you do to prepare them?

Encourage them to be neat when presenting their answers and workings on the paper. A good habit to cultivate!

Also to remember write the number equations and remember to write the units of the final answer.

Encourage them to commit the multiplication tables to memory. Test them as and when so as to help them memorise too. For the multiplication table of 9, they can use their fingers to help them.

What are some of the areas to take note of?

Writing equations and drawing models are things parents need to encourage the child to do so as to make it a good habit.

Get them to practice the various heuristics so that they have exposure to the various types and are familiar with the various concepts.


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