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Summary of Changes to the MOE Primary 4 Math Syllabus in 2024

Updated: Mar 21

Changes to the MOE Primary 4 Math Syllabus

The Ministry of Education (MOE) in Singapore has recently announced significant changes to the Primary 4 Mathematics Syllabus set to take effect in 2024. These modifications enhance the learning experience and provide a more structured approach to mathematical education for primary school students. In this article, we will delve into the alterations made to the syllabus, highlighting the removal of certain topics and the introduction of new chapters.

Removal of Topics from the Primary 4 Math Syllabus

1. Turns & 8-Point Compass

One notable change is the exclusion of Turns and the 8-Point Compass topic from the Primary 4 Maths syllabus. Previously, this content was part of the 'Angles' section. The decision to remove it suggests a restructuring of the curriculum to streamline concepts and ensure a more focused approach to mathematical learning.

2. Time

Another noteworthy adjustment involves the topic of Time. The topic has been brought forward to Primary 3 in 2023. This shift in timeline may be attributed to the need for students to grasp fundamental concepts related to time at an earlier stage, setting the groundwork for more advanced mathematical applications.

Turns & 8-Point Compass

New Chapters Added to Primary 4 Level

The introduction of new chapters is a key aspect of the changes to the Primary 4 Math syllabus. These additions, outlined in the new textbook 4B, signify an effort to broaden students' mathematical knowledge and skills.

1. Pie Charts

A significant inclusion in the revamped syllabus is the addition of Pie Charts to the Primary 4 Maths syllabus in Singapore. Pie charts, previously taught in Primary 6, are now part of the P4 curriculum. Students are now required to learn how to read and interpret pie charts with numerical values or fractions as the data. An illustrative example is provided below:


A class of 40 pupils each borrowed a book from the library.

The table below shows the number of each type of book they borrowed.

New Chapters Added to Primary 4 Level

2. Nets

Nets, previously covered in Primary 6 is now shifted to Primary 4. In Primary 2, students learned about the properties of 3-dimensional shapes or solids, such as cubes, cuboids, cones, and cylinders. The Singapore Primary 4 Math syllabus now includes content on prisms and pyramids, drawing geometric figures, and understanding nets of geometric figures. An example is illustrated below:


Implications of These Changes

Implications of These Changes

Adjusting the MOE Primary Math Syllabus brings crucial implications for educators, students, and parents to understand.

For example, the topics that used to be part of the Primary 6 Math curriculum, such as Pie Charts and Nets, have been shifted to Primary 4. While this may seem to raise the complexity of the syllabus for lower levels, the rationale behind this adjustment is likely aimed at creating a more gradual learning progression.

 the increase in difficulty of the subject becomes more gradual

By introducing these concepts earlier in the academic journey, the increase in difficulty of the subject becomes more gradual and manageable as students progress through each level. This strategic approach ensures that students are equipped with foundational knowledge and skills earlier, making the transition through the later primary years, from P4 to P6, less daunting and more cohesive.

The changes to the MOE Primary School Math Syllabus reflect a commitment to refining and optimizing the learning experience for students. The restructuring aligns with the evolving needs of education. It aims to build a strong mathematical foundation for students at an earlier stage, setting the stage for a more comprehensive understanding of the subject in the later years of primary education.

more comprehensive understanding of the subject

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